Kara-Tunga made our Karamoja visit the best Responsible African Tribe Experience we had

Louis and Margot, TripAdvisor

Bicycle Tours

Join Uganda’s Wilderness Bike Tradition. An unforgettable bicycle tour with cultural encounters, wildlife viewing and untamed landscapes.


Hiking & Trekking

Hike the mountains of Uganda’s Northeastern Karamojaland: Mount Moroto, Mount Kadam, Mount Napak and Mount Morungole.

Cultural exchange

We believe that slow tourism enriches the experience and therefore we combine outdoor adventure (Bicycle tours, Mountain hiking, Walking safaris) with authentic cultural experiences (Homestay and Workshops). Read more about our impact through tourism.

Places to stay

Kara-Tunga knows the value of a good bed, cold drink, decent meal and hot shower during an off-the-beaten-path adventure. Discover the accommodation options in the Karamoja region for your upcoming trip.

Taking responsibility

For ecotourism to thrive in a developing area, Kara-Tunga is highly conscious of the relationship between host communities, the environment and economic empowerment. It therefore intentionally works towards building a sustainable relationship between them.

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