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Warrior Nomad trail

The tour takes you in 6 days / 6 stages from the Southern savannah lands in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve to the most Northeastern corner of the country along the escarpment of East Africa’s Eastern Rift down into Uganda’s most applauded Kidepo Valley National Park.



The Tour of Karamoja started as a 2-day event, set south and north from Moroto town, looking up at the highest peak in Karamoja with a  breathtaking view of plains below. A very special combination of great riding, breathtaking scenery intertwined with authentic cultural experience that the Karamoja region offers. The first 5-stage, week-long event took place in 2020 and covered the entire length of the region. 



The 2021 edition takes 5 days/stages on the saddle and one day of optional bike safari. The tour starts from Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, over the foothills of three mountain ranges, through Karamoja’s undulating savannah plains and into Uganda’s most scenic national park: Kidepo Valley. The ride takes you over varied terrain from old colonial roads, cattle-paths and single trails through communities and gardens  with breathtaking scenery and a authentic cultural encounters.

Relive the event

Relive the Tour of Karamoja 2020 and watch the 5 episodes series on Facebook and YouTube.

A taste of Uganda’s ultimate Wilderness bike event following the Warrior Nomad Trail in Northeastern Uganda.

bicycle safari ugandas kidepo valley national park
bicycle safari ugandas kidepo valley national park
bicycle safari ugandas kidepo valley national park


Every night is spent at a different location, supporting local businesses along the trail. All riders sleep at the same guesthouses and camp sites for 3 nights and upgrades are available at the start in Pian Upe and finish in Kidepo Valley.


Karamoja Overland Safaris

Package: Upgrade
Location: Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve
Stage: Start


Start your adventure with the comfort of a hot shower, comfortable bed and a breathtaking view. Sleep the first nights in self-contained safari tents of KOS Safaris on Pian Upe WR.


Kalya Village

Package: Standard
Location: Amudat
Stage: 1


A little heaven with fantastic views of Mount Kadam in the mids of the acacia shrubs among the Pokot-tribe of Amudat district. The rooms are limited and therefore the team will be camping in its compound.


Kara-Tunga Safari Camp

Package: Standard
Location: Moroto
Stage: 3


Enjoy the comfort of a self-contained safari tent at the basecamp of the tour at the foot of Mount Moroto in Kara-Tunga’s Safari Camp.


Kaabong Resort

Package: Standard
Location: Kaabong
Stage: 4


A comfortable mattress after a long third stage with great views over the undulating plains and rocky outcrops of Kaabong.

Tour of Karamoja-Savannah-Lodge-9
Tour of Karamoja-Savannah-Lodge-9

Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Package: Upgrade
Location: Kidepo Valley NP
Stage: 6 and 7


End your experience with the comfort of a hot shower, cold beers and a breathtaking view from you tent. Sleep the last 2 nights at Kidepo Savannah lodge.


Kara-Tunga Eco Camps

Package: Standard
Location: Pian Upe, Amudat, Morungole, Kidepo Valley
Stage: Start, Stage 1, 2, 3, 6, 7


The standard tour package budgets for camping during 5 nights of the event with a variety of sites from the full wilderness with bucket showers and compost toilets to a campsite with basic facilities.


The pre-registration does not secure a ticket. The organisation will review your application before confirmation. Successful applications will receive the final registration form and payment details. The deadline for registration and payment is: 30 September 2021.


A Tribute

Event co-founder, the late Paul Sherwen


Paul was a highly respected commentator and broadcaster who started out as a road race cyclist in the late 1970’s.


His legacy extends well beyond the world of pro cycling. Paul grew up in Uganda, he was educated in Kenya and devoted his life away from the races to empower the people and protect wildlife of East Africa.


Ride alone – Go fast
Ride together – Go far

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