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The tourism future we really want


Sustainable tourism is no longer enough. The people of Karamoja have embraced regenerative tourism to create a better world through travel.


Since tourism in Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region is still in its infancy, it is incredibly important to raise awareness and to set expectations and guidelines now.


Karamoja is the first place in East Africa where the host community wrote a Travel Manifesto and ask visitors to take a pledge.

Karamoja Travel Manifesto


We, the people of Karamoja are proud of our cultures, communities and environment

Kara Tunga Mount Moroto Trail Mapping Karamoja Tours



We will heal our wounds by regenerating what we have lost and nurture what we have.



We want to better the lives of our people by providing quality education and having community-led development.

True to our Roots

We want to prosper and flourish as a community, while staying true to our roots.

In Harmony with Nature

We will live in harmony with nature like our ancestors.

Share our Cultures

We want to cherish our creativity and share our cultures.

Peace and Inclusivity

We want to work together to promote peace and leave no one behind, while staying true to our core-values, dialogue, respect and transparency

“As a community we will achieve our dreams”

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