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Every night is spent at a different location during the Tour of Karamoja 2021, supporting and promoting local businesses along the trail. The budget package only includes camping fees for all nights, excluding camping equipment.


Find below all accommodation facilities and available upgrades for 5 nights out of the 8 night event. 3 nights self-catered camping is obligatory for all participants.
Dome tents, Available.
Safari tents, Sold out!



Karamoja Overland Safaris

Package: Upgrade
Location: Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve
Stage: Start


Room: Non-self contained dome tents
Single: $35 – Sharing: $60 per tent


Room: Ensuite safari tents
Single: $90 – Sharing: $115 per tent


Start your adventure with the comfort of a hot shower, comfortable bed and a breathtaking view. Or the dome tents with outside showers of KOS Safaris in Pian Upe WR.

Sold out!

Stage 1


Kalya Village

Package: Upgrade (limited rooms)
Location: Amudat


Rooms: Ensuite standard rooms
Single: $20 per room
Sharing: $25 per room


A little heaven with fantastic views of Mount Kadam in the mids of the acacia shrubs among the Pokot-tribe of Amudat district. The rooms are limited and therefore the majority of team will be camping in its compound.

Camping obligatory

Stage 2


Lake Turkwel

Package: Budget
Location: West Pokot
Rooms: Camping
Price: Included


The budget tour package includes camping for all 8 nights of the event with a variety of sites from the full wilderness with bucket showers and compost toilets to a campsite with basic facilities.

Sold out!

Stage 3


Kara-Tunga Safari Camp

Package: Upgrade
Location: Moroto


Rooms: Ensuite standard rooms
Single: $30 – Sharing: $40 per room


Rooms: Ensuite safari tents
Single: $40 – Sharing: $50 per room


Enjoy the comfort of a self-contained safari tent at the basecamp of the tour at the foot of Mount Moroto in Kara-Tunga’s Safari Camp.

Accommodation upgrade
Ensuite large rooms, Sold out!

Stage: 4


Kaabong Resort

Package: Upgrade
Location: Kaabong


Rooms: Ensuite standard rooms
Single and sharing: $25 per room (couples)


Rooms: Ensuite large rooms
Single and sharing: $60 per room (couples)


A comfortable mattress after a long third stage with great views over the undulating plains and rocky outcrops of Kaabong.

Camping obligatory

Stage: 5


Mount Morungole

Package: Budget
Location: Mount Morungole
Rooms: Camping


After a big day of cycling with great climbs, you will set cam in the mids of Morungole mountain range, home to the indigenous Ik-tribe.

Standard camping option

Stage: 6-7


Nagusokopire campsite

The camping package includes the final two nights of the event at Nagusokopire campsite in the south of Kidepo Valley National Park. The campsite has a splendid view over the park and very close to the accommodation upgrade.


Package: Standard
Location: Kidepo Valley NP
Nights: 2
Rooms: Camping
Price: Included
Tour of Karamoja-Savannah-Lodge-9
Tour of Karamoja-Savannah-Lodge-9
Accommodation upgrade
Non-self-contained tents, Sold out!

Stage: 6-7


Kidepo Savannah Lodge

End your experience with the comfort of a hot shower, cold beers and a breathtaking view from you tent. Sleep the last 2 nights at Kidepo Savannah lodge.


Package: Upgrade
Location: Kidepo Valley NP
Nights: 2


Room: Non-self contained tent
Single: $70 – Sharing: $120 per room


Room: Ensuite safari tent
Single: $180 – Sharing: $230 per room


The pre-registration does not secure a ticket. The organisation will review your application before confirmation. Successful applications will receive the final registration form and payment details. The deadline for registration and payment is: 30 September 2021.

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