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Travel support for Travel Agents and Tour Operators in Karamoja / Northeast Uganda.

Made to measure

Kara-Tunga has been handling tours for tour companies from all over the world. Using Kara-Tunga as your ground handler means that you support development of responsible tourism and local employment, unique insight and access to one of East-Africa’s most preserved culture, tailor made service in Uganda’s most remote area, competitive prices, well maintained equipment and the best tour operation in northeast Uganda.

Safety and security

Kara-Tunga is member of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour operators), has a public liability insurance covering up to 500.000 USD with LIASON SATIB insurance brokers and all Kara-Tunga staff are Uganda Red Cross Society certified advanced first aiders.

Why Kara-Tunga

  • Nationally and regionally respected ground handler specialised in authentic tours throughout the Karamoja region.
  • Uganda’s most experienced ground handler specialised in the Karamoja region.
  • Fast and personal service from communication, problem solving and invoicing.
  • Authentic and tailor made options and extensions to each itinerary.
  • Budget, Mid-range and high-end itineraries
  • All accommodation is selected by Kara-Tunga itself.

Our current partners

Kara-Tunga is handling tours for several respected tour companies from all over the world, like: Matoke Tours (NL-DE), Kombi Tours (UK), WigWam/Whistling Duck (DE), Experience Uganda (UG).


Please familiarise yourself with our products. Take time to read through the website. This will allow you to answer any questions your clients may have.


We answer the phone late in the evening in case of emergencies. We appreciate if you can call us to make bookings within office hours.


We pay 10% commission for all tours bookings to whoever has made the booking. For us the concept of a booking is that you are doing our job for us, so you need to provide us with all the below information in a clear and concise manner and after confirmation and payment, commission will be deducted of the booking fee or paid.


If you call us to tell us some clients will call us to book rafting then you do not get commission. Commission is paid to the person who made the booking, so if this is the clients themselves then commission is not applicable.


  • Name
  • Number of PAX for the activity.
  • Type of activity.
  • Contact phone number for clients or driver/guide.
  • Date they want to do the activity.
  • Transport needed from Kampala or Moroto? If so where from?
  • Accommodation needed? If so where and which date?
  • Dietary requirements, Vegetarian? Vegan? Gluten Free? Dairy Free?
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