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Kara-Tunga Eco Camps

A unique opportunity for an immersive cultural experience in an unspoiled natural environment, that positively impacts the local communities and supports the conservation of biodiversity.


The camps are thoughtfully located with a panoramic view of the untouched landscapes, front row seats of the African sunset and an unspoiled view of the bright stars.

The non-self-contained canvas tents have veranda with safari chairs, 120cm long single beds, solar lighting, linen, toiletries and walking distance from the washrooms.

Timu Forest
Timu Eco-Camp is located on the East African Rift escapement at an altitude of 2,000m. The location offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, amidst the indigenous ik community.


  • 6 Non-self-contained tents
  • Each 2 long single beds (100x210cm)
Mount Morungole
Morungole Eco-Camp is a historical resting place for the hunters-gatherers community and is located at the foot of Mount Morungole. It’s located amid the woodland and offers spectacular views and direct access to the mountain summit using ancestral trails.


  • 6 Non-self-contained tents
  • Each 2 long single beds (100x210cm)
Pian Upe
At the slopes of the majestic Mount Kadam, overlooking the fast wilderness of Pian Upe and surrounded by the Pokot and Pian communities.


  • Walks and Hikes
  • Cultural experiences
  • Wildlife viewing

Environmental impact

The facilities at the eco camps are designed to minimise its environmental impact like water consumption, waste management and renewable energy. The most important examples are:


  • Compost toilets
  • Bucket showers
  • Solar energy
  • Zero plastic

2022-2023 Prices

Below rates include towel, linen, toiletries and meals of choice. The prices exclude 10% conservation levy per bed night, which will be indicated on the final invoice.
Single $ 35 $ 50 $ 60
Double $ 60 $ 90 $ 110
Camping $ 15

* BB: Bed and Breakfast, HB: Half Board, FB: Full Board

Community benefits

Partner community groups, direct employees, freelance site guides and local service providers are (in)direct beneficiaries. The eco-camps improve people’s income and address various community needs.


10% Conservation Levy

Each guest contributes towards the conservation of the surrounding environment through a levy of 10% paid top of the bed-night fee.


75% Activities Fee

75% of the tourist activities fee directly benefits the community through engagement of site guides, community groups and local service providers.


The Ik tribe are former hunters gatherers and today live on the extreme northeastern corner of the country. They are known for their love for the environment and their cultural heritage.


Counting only 7,000 people, the people still speak their ancestral language and practice their traditional culture and traditions. Travellers need to travel a distance to visit the Ik, as reward you receive rare insight into a unique tribe in Africa.


The various activities will guarantee you stunningly beautiful scenery, breathtaking scenes in the valleys, and magnificent views into the Eastern Rift Valley as far as Kenya and South Sudan.

Frequently asked questions

Useful details
  • Reception opens 7am – 7pm
  • Breakfast from 7am – 10am
  • Check-in from 2pm
  • Check-out until 11am
  • Tour info desk
  • Extra long mattresses
  • Please note, full payment must be received before arrival to secure a confirmed booking.
  • Payments can be made before arrival by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or MTN Momo Pay. Please follow the payment instructions provided after the booking as been confirmed. Be sure to reference your Booking ID so we can track your payment appropriately and secure your reservation.
  • Payments can be made upon arrival by cash (USD or UGX). USD notes must be dated 2006 or newer and free of any marks, stamps or tears to be accepted. Exact amount in UGX will be determined by the rate of exchange by the month of payment.
  • Please cancel online 48 hours before scheduled arrival to avoid cancellation charge (equal to the first night of your stay).

The non-self-contained canvas tents have veranda with safari chairs, 120cm long single beds, solar lighting, linen, toiletries and walking distance from the washrooms.   The Eco Camps offer environmental friendly facilities like compost toilets, a shower bucket with hot water and solar powered electricity for light and charging of low energy-consuming equipment (mobile phones, camera batteries and laptop).

Visit Timu Eco Camp

Lokinene, Timu Sub County Kaabong, Karamoja Region, Uganda > Google Maps location

Visit Morungole Eco Camp

Kochom, Morungole Sub County Kaabong, Karamoja Region, Uganda > Google Maps location

Visit Pian Upe Eco Camp

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