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Ik-Tribe Cultural Experience

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Combine your Kidepo Valley Safari with a unique insight into Uganda’s last traditional living communities called the ‘Ik’ and guided by experienced indigenous guides.

Including: snacks and water. Excluding: Transportation.

Price per person 1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax
Experience $ 50 $ 35 $ 30 $ 30
Walk $ 35 $ 25 $ 20 $ 20
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Ik-Tribe Cultural Experience

The Ik tribe are former hunters gatherers who today live on the extreme northeastern corner of the country. They currently successfully practice farming and bee-keeping and are known for their love for the environment and their cultural heritage.

Counting only 7,000 people, the people still speak their ancestral language and practice their traditional culture and traditions. Travellers need to travel a distance to visit the IK, as reward you receive rare insight into a unique tribe in Africa.

You will find stunningly beautiful Scenery the higher your climb takes you, simply breathtaking scenes in the valleys below you and into the Eastern Rift Valley of Kenya and over to Southern Sudan.

Proposed itinerary

Day 1

8:00AM – Drive to Mt Morungole
12:30PM – Lunch at Morungole Eco Camp
1:30PM – 6PM – 10Km Hike Mt Morungole
Dinner + Sleep at Morungole Eco Camp

Day 2

8:00AM – Drive to Timu
10:00AM – 12PM – Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience
1PM – 2PM – Lunch at Timu Eco Camp
2PM – 6PM – Timu Nature Walk + Ik Cultural Experience
Dinner + Sleep at Timu Eco Camp

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Combine this Ik-Tribe Cultural Experience with on of below activities to make it a full one or two days experience:

Travel distances

Timu Forest Mt Morungole
Moroto 4 hrs 4.5 hrs
Kidepo Valley NP 2.5 hrs 3 hrs


Stay at one of the Kara-Tunga Eco Camps, one is located at the foot of Mount Morungole and the second one on top of the East Africa Rift escarpment in Timu. Visit the Eco Camps page.


Including: snacks and water. Excluding: Transportation.

Price per person 1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4 pax
Experience $ 50 $ 35 $ 30 $ 30
Walk $ 35 $ 25 $ 20 $ 20


– Meals, Drinks, Personal Expenditures and Tips
– Transportation for client and local guide (when depart from Kidepo, the guide will meet you at your lodge at no extra charge)

Equipment required

– Rain clothes
– Shoes for slippery / wet underground
– Long sleeves and trousers (long grass)
– Day Pack to carry your own Meals and Drinks


– Experienced local guide
– Community contribution
– Security personnel
– Porter for community contribution

  1. Femke & Florian (The Netherlands)

    (Read original review on Facebook) We were very lucky that Kara-Tunga was brought to our attention right before we took off for a visit to Kidepo NP, otherwise we would probably have missed out on such an awe-inspiring experience in the North-Eastern and Eastern parts of Uganda.

    Certainly feel that team Kara-Tunga showed us some of the most delicate, hidden treasures in Uganda. All that in a creative, pure, respectful, fun and authentic way.

    Altogether, our Kara-Tunga Karamajong experience is probably one of the most memorable experiences during our 3-year stay in Uganda. Fame worth spreading!

  2. Kees Rotteveel (The Netherlands)

    Together with a friend I visited the Ik tribe in June 2017, and it turned out to be the most remote and culturally interesting region in Uganda I ever visited! Don’t expect hotels and well catered camp sites. With the help of Kara-Tunga we stayed in people homes or camped in their gardens, with magnificent views across Turkana! I can highly recommend this hidden gem to everybody who likes a bit of adventure.

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