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Payment options

Please inform us when you wish to pay by using any of below options.

Bank transfer

Transfer costs (bank fees) are the responsibility of the client.


US Dollar Account

Account name: Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours Limited
Account number: 6318000001
Bank: Centenary Bank
Bank branch: Moroto
Bank address: P.O. Box 111 Moroto, Lia Street

Credit Card

Paypal, Visa and Mastercard

Paypal, VISA and Mastercard add a surcharge of 3.5% on the total amount of the invoice for the use of this service.


Paying with VISA and Mastercard may automatically insure you for travel accidents, flight/baggage delay, and travel assistance. Please check the website of your credit card supplier for more details.

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Mobile money

MTN Mobile Money

Local transactions fees are applicable for mobile money transactions made with MTN Mobile Money. Contact us by phone after completing the transaction to confirm the payment.


Account name: Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours Ltd
Mobile Money Account Phone Nr.: 0784 414 528

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