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Things to do in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Karamoja, Northeast Uganda

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is worth a one-day-two-night visit on your way from Jinja / Sipi Falls / Mt Elgon to Moroto or Kidepo Valley. Pian Upe is Uganda’s second largest protected area bordering various mountain ranges and water bodies. This makes it a birding hotspot, home to endemic wildlife species like the Roan Antelope and archeological site for rock paintings.

Cultural  bike tours

Ride the Nomad Warrior Trails

Ancient Rock Art

Paintings of Ancestors

Hiking & Trekking

Mount Kadam & Napak

Wildlife viewing

Endemic species

Accommodation in Pian Upe

Budget Banda

72,000 pn / B&B / self-contained

Fly Camp

$120 pn / FB / lazy camping

Safari Tent

$120 pn / FB / self-contained

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