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How to get to Karamoja by car, taxi, airplane and bus.

Travel tips on how to get to Karamoja’s highlights like Kidepo Valley National Park, Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve Mount Moroto Forest Reserve,  Kotido, Kaabong and other attractions in northeast Uganda by car, taxi, airplane and bus.


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By car.

Good to know

The road conditions are rapidly improving throughout the Karamoja region that has greatly shortened the previous famously long travel time. Though we recommend to read below advisory carefully before planning your journey through Northeast Uganda.



Google Maps does not give reliable travel advice as it’s routes are outdated and the majority of routes are passing old colonial routes that have not been maintained for decades. is the most reliable app following to our experience and always in combination with latest advice from your tour operator or accommodation provider within the region.

Must read Karamoja travel advice during rainy season (April-September). Safe the following link for regular updates on the road conditions by Kara-Tunga Tours:

Travel advisory map

The Western route

When you prefer to take the western route to and from Kidepo Valley National Park, we recommend to drive via Gulu and Kitgum. Common stops on this route are Murchison Falls National Park and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.


The Eastern Route

The Eastern route to Karamoja is the uncut Karamoja wilderness route entering the subregion from Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. Whereafter the road advisable goes via  Nakapiripirit at the slopes of Mt Kadam to Moroto and connecting with Kotido, Kaabong and Kidepo Valley National Park. (see below map or click here for the Google Maps link).

In rainy season the road conditions of the Southern part (From Muyembe to Namalu) can change dramatically and block any car from passing. The other option is to drive via Soroti and Iriiri to Moroto and continue northwards up to Kidepo Valley.


Update: 9 September 2021 – Namalu bridge

The second last bridge before Namalu town, when coming from Mbale / Sipi Falls is washed away by heavy rains. Plan your trip to Moroto and onwards by passing the new tarmac road via Soroti.

Important: During and after rainy season, the road conditions on the Eastern route can make the road impassable after Muyembe (junction to Sipi Falls) and between Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve and Namalu. Inquire about the road conditions at your hotel in Mbale or Sipi Falls or at the taxi park in Muyebe (when coming from Sipi Falls) or at Namusi junction on the highway to Soroti (when coming from Mbale).



Route in dry season

Avoid the ‘shortcut’ with broken bridges via Nabilatuk by staying on the highway from Muyembe (Sipi Falls junction) to Moroto. This means that you navigate via Nakapiripirit and therefore keep right after Namalu (see below map and click here for the Google Maps link).

Route in rainy season

Drive from Mbale / Mt Elgon / Sipi Falls via Soroti and Iriiri to Moroto and continue northwards up to Kidepo Valley.

Sparse services


Petrol stations

The distance between petrol stations in the Karamoja subregion is on an average 90Km. Petrol stations are located in Sironko (Total), Nakapiripirit, Moroto (various), Kotido (Shell), Kaabong and Kitgum.


Fresh foods and supermarkets

Fresh foods are not a commodity in Karamoja and are imported from outside the region. Fruits and vegetables are therefore only available with certainty in Moroto.  Though fresh meat is available in any trading centre and is advisable to purchase in the morning hours before stock runs out.  The majority of towns in Karamoja also have convenience stores and the bigger towns like Kotido and Moroto also have supermarkets with a wider variety of products. Though services like refilling small camping gas bottles is not available.

By taxi.

Private taxi’s can be arranged from any location within Uganda to your destination within the Karamoja region. Find standard taxi rates for an one way journey including: vehicle, driver and fuel below. Contact us for bookings or other inquieries.


$325 Entebbe – Moroto, 12hrs

$300 Kampala – Moroto, 10hrs

$275 Jinja – Moroto, 8hrs

$250 Mbale – Moroto, 4hrs

$250 Sipi Falls – Moroto, 4hrs

$200 Gulu – Moroto, 5hrs

$200 Moroto – Kidepo, 5hrs

By airplane.

As tour operator we provide bookings service for scheduled and chartered flights from various destinations within Uganda. In addition to the flight, we also provide a pick-up service from any airport, hotel or other destination.


The most common entry point to Uganda is Entebbe International Airport (EBB) that’s located close to Entebbe city. Flights can also be organised from Kajjansi Airfield that’s located closer to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.


Scheduled flight rates are starting from $420 per person for a one way ticket. Contact us for more information, departure time, capacity and prices.

By bus.

Karamoja has also different possibilities of public transport. Take the daily daytime busses or nighttime coaches driving from Kampala via Jinja, Mbale, Soroti, Iriri to Moroto, Kotido and Kaabong. And mini taxi’s are available as well. .Contact us for accurate departure time and prices.

Our preferred bus company is Gateway bus services, departing from Namayiba bus park (Google Maps link) at the old bus park in Kampala.


Travel time

  • Kampala – Moroto: 13 hrs
  • Kampala – Kotido: 14 hrs
  • Kampala – Kaabong: 15 hrs
  • Mbale – Soroti – Moroto: 6hrs
  • Mbale – Nakapiripirit – Moroto: 7hrs


Daily bus from Kampala to Karamoja

  • 5AM Kampala – Jinja – Mbale – Soroti – Moroto 7PM
  • 5AM Kampala – Jinja – Mbale – Soroti – Kotido – 7PM Kaabong
  • 9AM Mbale – Nakapiripirit – 3-4PM Moroto (based on road conditions)
  • 9AM Mbale – Soroti – 3PM/4PM Moroto


Daily bus from Karamoja to Kampala

  • 7AM Kotido – Soroti – Mbale – Jinja – Kampala 7PM
  • 7AM Kaabong – Soroti – Mbale – Jinja – Kampala 7PM
  • 5AM Moroto – Soroti – Mbale – Jinja – Kampala 7PM


Daily bus from Kampala to Kidepo Valley

There’s a daily bus called Robyn departing from Namayiba bus terminal in Kampala. This bus takes you to the closest town called Orom. From here there are taxi’s or Boda Boda motor taxi’s that can take you to the gate of Kidepo Valley National Park.

  • 5AM Kampala – Gulu – Kitgum –  Orom 9PM
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