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Karamoja Tourism News – Read the latest news about Tourism development and promotion in the Karamoja subregion in Northeastern Uganda.

  • kara-tunga-uganda-karamoja-world-tourism-day-2021-4-s

    Watch Video Uganda focus on Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021

    Watch the official video of Uganda Tourism Board focusing on destination Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021 theme Inclusive Tourism. The video is broadcasted on Uganda national tv channels NTV, NBS, UBC.

  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Hiking Guides Mount Moroto 5

    Fundraising Hiking gear for Karamoja Guides

    Dutch hiking tour company and expedition leader Jan Bakker will train a selection of hiking guides from various mountain ranges located in Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region, Kenya and South Sudan on the Warrior Nomad Trail. and have mobilised their network to donate hiking equipment.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-cultural-tours-publication-nbs-tv-2

    Making off: Uganda focus on Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021

    We have come from far… tourism is positively changing the image of Karamoja and we hope that this collaboration with Uganda Tourism Board, NBS Television, NTV, UBC,  can inspire tourism professionals and local communities to embrace Community Tourism in Karamoja as opportunity for inclusive development.

  • kara-tunga-eco-campsite-mt-moroto-tepeth-tribe-uganda-karamoja-5

    Partner Spanish Travel Agent Terres llunyanes to Uganda

    Kara-Tunga is proud to partner with Spanish travel agent Terres Llunyanes to offer their guests an unforgettable eco-camping and cultural experience when traveling through Uganda’s northeast Karamojaland.

  • EU Ambassadors meet Karamoja Tourism Stakeholders

    Thursday 2 Sept 2021 – Kara-Tunga hosts EU Heads of Mission for 3rd consecutive time in Moroto with as topic Karamoja regional tourism development.

  • Mau Forest Guereza Colobus guereza Mt KAdam Uganda 2

    Black White-and-white Colobus Monkey on Mount Kadam

    Uganda’s northeast Karamojaland has kept many secrets due Its inaccessibility, only recently, researchers and scholars have started to explore these forgotten corners of the country. Kara-Tunga hosted two Kenya-based researchers for 10 days Trekking of Uganda’s Mount Kadam, in search for the unknown but with the gut feeling of finding something special to come back …

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-northeastern-uganda-bird-watching-Pygmy-Falcon-Bokora-Matheniko

    Birding in Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve

    Birding in Northeastern Uganda Matheniko-Bokora Wildlife Reserve with its thorn bush, grasslands with acacias you will be able to meet many beauties. 

  • fox's-weaver-survey-pian-upe-3-2

    Third Habitat survey Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis

    The Fox’s Weaver Project team conducted a habitat survey for the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis in Northeastern Uganda and documented new habitats and insights: There is this saying among those who have been to a Fox’s weaver Survey in North-eastern Uganda “Where there is a Fox’s Weaver there is a Karamoja Apalis, where there …

  • female eastern patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas pyrrhonotus) in Kidepo Valley National Park, north- eastern Uganda

    Primates of Karamoja, northeast Uganda

    Knowing which animals live where is critical to planning effective conservation following to the two researchers. With the support of a grant from the National Geographic Society they are now focusing their research on the primates of Uganda. They conducted primate surveys in northeastern Uganda from 2014 to 2017

  • Origins-Jie-Turkana-Rock-Kotido-Nayeche

    The origin of Uganda’s Jie and Kenya’s Turkana-tribe

    The origin of Uganda’s Jie and Kenya’s Turkana-tribe – At this rock, just east of Kotido Town, a great journey is traced – one that permanent links two great ethnicities! To this rock the Jie and Turkana periodically return in peace and harmony to trace the footsteps of Nayeche…

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