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Karamoja Tourism News – Read the latest news about Tourism development and promotion in the Karamoja subregion in Northeastern Uganda.

  • kara-tunga-foundation -karamoja-uganda-conservation-kijani-forest

    Sustainable Charcoal Production

    We are looking back at an inspiring visit to Kijani Forestry in Gulu, which are revolutionising conservation through sustainable charcoal production.

  • kara-tunga-foundation-mount-moroto-unesco-mab

    Kara-Tunga meets Mount Morot UNESCO MAB team

    So energised after finally meeting Giorgio Andrian together with Catholic Diocese Moroto who are spearheading the designation process of Matheniko Wildlife Reserve and Mount Moroto into UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve.

  • kara-tunga-warrior-nomad-trail-passport-5

    The Warrior Nomad Trail launches the Trail Pass

    The Warrior Nomad Trail is developed to inspire tourists to travel beyond the usual wildlife attractions in East Africa. The Trail Pass is a personal souvenir with key travel information, tips on things to do and a document to capture memorable moments on your adventure.

  • interview cross border tourism east africa uganda warrior nomad trail

    Warrior Nomad TrailIs Changing Lives in East Africa

    Learn how East Africa’s  Warrior Nomad Trail is making a meaningful difference in East African nations like Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan through tourism.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-travel-manifesto-pledge

    People of Karamoja take charge of their Tourism Future

    The world is moving so fast and rural communities in developing areas like my Karamoja can be overwhelmed and overrun by tourist. The people of Karamoja have taken charge of their Tourism Future…

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-matheniko-walking-safari

    Karamoja develops Uganda’s first Travel Manifesto and Pledge

    Sustainable tourism is no longer enough. The people of Karamoja have embraced regenerative tourism to create a better world through travel. Since tourism in Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region is still in its infancy, it is incredibly important to raise awareness and to set expectations and guidelines now. Karamoja is the first place in East Africa where …

  • video-promo-tour-of-karamoja-oct-2022

    Video Tour of Karamoja 2022

    Watch the official promotion video of the Tour of Karamoja 2022 Bicycle Challenge taking place 22-30 October 2022.

  • kara-tunga-warrior-nomad-trail-karamoja-uganda-tourism-culture-sensitising

    Sensitising Karamoja Communities on Growing Tourism Sector

    Sensitising Karamoja Communities on Tourism – Kara-Tunga aims at making Karamoja a must visit destination with people at its centre. It therefore embarked on a journey through the region to sensitise 17 community tourism groups (600 members) along Karamoja’s Warrior Nomad Trail.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-warrior-nomda-trail-workshop-national-1

    National Validation Workshop

    On our journey to develop Uganda’s new tourist product Warrior Nomad Trail, we asked for input and buy-in from national stakeholders during a workshop in Kampala.

  • enabel-kara-tunga-warrior-nomda-trail-karamoja-uganda-tourism-development-3

    3rd Karamoja Tourism Coordination Platform

    We are celebrating a milestone in the development of the Warrior Nomad Trail with a workshop attended by 35 key-tourism stakeholders from Uganda’s Karamoja region. The meeting was aimed at fostering sustainable coordination of the regional tourism sector with the Warrior Nomad Trail at the centre. The participants shared their input and ideas on the …

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