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  • Things to do in Abim – Myth of the Mountain

    Things to do in Abim – Abim is a unique geographical location with rugged mountains and lush green vegetation. The people of Abim do not identify themselves with their Karimojong or Lango neighbours, they find themselves unique and go by the name of Ethur.

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  • clark-expeditions-mt-elgon-hiking-riding

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam – Watch an epic video edit of our partner Clark Expeditions that offers Enduro style Mountain Bike holidays, riding the incredible trails around Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

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  • kara-tunga-undp-graduation-karamoja-tour-guide-training-6

    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja

    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja – Your support empowered our rural communities with an additional income, educated local youth with a marketable skill, created jobs, self-employment and motivated the preservation of our cultural heritage and environment. Follow our story: 4 years of impact through tourism in Karamojaland, Northeast Uganda. Scroll through video’s, view photos, read testimonials, check facts and figures. Read the full …

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  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Community Village Tours

    Karamoja community contribution standards

    It’s exactly three years ago that we founded Kara-Tunga as regional tourism development and promotion organisation. Over the years we have learned a lot about community tourism and have decided to standardise all our community contributions starting with the Moroto communities.

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  • kara-tunga-mount-moroto-tourism-group

    Initiation of Mount Moroto community association

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  • kara-tunga-karamoja-hotel-moroto-fire-safety-training-staff-3

    Kara-Tunga hosts Fire safety training for staff

    It is a legal requirement that all employees undergo basic fire safety training at induction and periodically thereafter, expected annually in most workplaces. The training must be carried out by a competent person with suitable and sufficient skills and knowledge of fire safety.

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  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Uganda Cultural Tours Cattle Auction Market Kotido

    Cattle auction markets in Karamoja

    Cattle Auction Markets in Karamoja – This short video explains the importance of livestock marketing in Karamoja, recent trends in market activity, and how Karamoja is acting as a regional hub for livestock trade to other parts of Uganda, as well as Kenya and South Sudan.

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  • Karamoja tours rates for Local tourists

    Karamoja tours rates for Local tourists

    Karamoja tours rates for Local tourists – We believe that domestic tourism builds intercultural relations within a country and is a powerful tool for breaking the spell of negative publicity of the Karamoja region.

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  • kara-tunga-karamoja-tours-mount-moroto-hiking-1

    Distribution of seeds to Mount Moroto Community


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  • kara-tunga-responsible-tourism-development-uganda-karamoja-2

    Campaign for Responsible Tourism in Karamoja

    To raise awareness on conserving our natural habitat and cultural heritage we designed a set of principles for Responsible Tourism in Karamoja.

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