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Karamoja Tourism News – Read the latest news about Tourism development and promotion in the Karamoja subregion in Northeastern Uganda.

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    Amudat and Pokot-tribe on Uganda’s Warrior Nomad Trail

    Amudat chapter of Uganda’s Warrior Nomad Trail – The Karamoja region of Uganda is culturally more diverse than communicated in the media. Kara-Tunga aims at showcasing this diversity along the Warrior Nomad Trail with the addition of Amudat district what’s home of the Pokot-tribe bordering Kenya and in between Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve and Mount …

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    Karamoja Guides for Uganda Tour Guide Training Assessors

    Karamoja Guides for Uganda Tour Guide Training Assessors –  Two years ago we founded the Karamoja Tourism Academy and relied heavily on people from other regions to assess our students. Today we’re celebrating the graduation of our very own Karamoja Guides for Tour Guide Training Assessors.

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    Karamoja Travel Guide in Swedish Vagabond Magazine

    Since our beginnings, we have been blessed to collaborate with photographer, story teller and guide Marcus Westberg. His passion for the remote and unknown made us engage in a long-term commitment to cover Uganda’s best kept secret: Karamoja.

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    Virtual tour: Nature Walk on the slopes of Mt Moroto

    Virtual tour: Nature Walk on the slopes of Mount Moroto – Get to know our team of skilled guides operating in Uganda’s Northeastern wilderness called Karamoja land. Karamoja has a semi-arid climate what is truly unique for Uganda. It therefore hosts a different flora and fauna than anywhere else found in the country.

  • Things to do in Abim – Myth of the Mountain

    Things to do in Abim – Abim is a unique geographical location with rugged mountains and lush green vegetation. The people of Abim do not identify themselves with their Karimojong or Lango neighbours, they find themselves unique and go by the name of Ethur.

  • clark-expeditions-mt-elgon-hiking-riding

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam – Watch an epic video edit of our partner Clark Expeditions that offers Enduro style Mountain Bike holidays, riding the incredible trails around Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

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    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja

    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja – Your support empowered our rural communities with an additional income, educated local youth with a marketable skill, created jobs, self-employment and motivated the preservation of our cultural heritage and environment. Follow our story: 4 years of impact through tourism in Karamojaland, Northeast Uganda. Scroll through video’s, view photos, read testimonials, check facts and figures. Read the full …

  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Community Village Tours

    Karamoja community contribution standards

    It’s exactly three years ago that we founded Kara-Tunga as regional tourism development and promotion organisation. Over the years we have learned a lot about community tourism and have decided to standardise all our community contributions starting with the Moroto communities.

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    Initiation of Mount Moroto community association

    Elected executive committee Elected board members Meeting with cultural leaders The cultural leaders More
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    Kara-Tunga hosts Fire safety training for staff

    It is a legal requirement that all employees undergo basic fire safety training at induction and periodically thereafter, expected annually in most workplaces. The training must be carried out by a competent person with suitable and sufficient skills and knowledge of fire safety.

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