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Discover Karamoja

Regional Tourism Promotion


Discover Karamoja is founded to positively impact the negative stigma of Karamoja (Northeast Uganda) and its people and thereby support sustainable development through tourism.


Result: 1100+ Instagram posts, 60+ international publications, 2 foreign documentary series, 1 regional marketing film, 1 regional marketing web portal, 20+ promotional films.

Video production: Dietrich Mangold and Britta Mangold

The Film

The first professional Karamoja regional tourism promotion film named ‘Discover Karamoja – Uganda’s Best Kept Secret’. The film was shot in 2017 and published in 2019.


Kara-Tunga supported the production of one documentary series about Karimojong culture, traditions and customs broadcasted on United Arab Emirates television.

Video production: DuroobTV (United Arab Emirates)


Social media

The Discover Karamoja project is an online project whereby photos and stories are collected with hashtag #DiscoverKaramoja and presented on this Discover Karamoja website and featured on the social media channels.


Since it’s beginning, Kara-Tunga has pro-actively advocated, invited and hosted journalists, bloggers, photographers and other media to share the beauty of the land and it’s people with the world.

Karamoja Tourism

Web portal

The Discover Karamoja web portal is developed to help travellers and tourism professionals to Discover Karamoja by providing travel information about the region.

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