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  • kara-tunga-uganda-karamoja-world-tourism-day-2021-4-s

    Watch Video Uganda focus on Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021

    Watch the official video of Uganda Tourism Board focusing on destination Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021 theme Inclusive Tourism. The video is broadcasted on Uganda national tv channels NTV, NBS, UBC.

  • indian-vlogger-tamil-trekker-in-northeatern-uganda-karamoja

    Indian travel blogger Tamil Trekker in Karamoja

    Indian travel blogger Tamil Trekker travels around the world in search of new adventures and to promote new destinations to his loyal Indian following. Kara-Tunga offered him a three days motorbike tour to learn about life in Karamoja, Northeastern Uganda.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-virtual-online-cultural-video-tour. 2

    Karamoja Virtual Tours Documentary Series

    Kara-Tunga launches the Karamoja Virtual Tours documentary series to help site guides and host communities to bridge the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-travel-tours-dubai-one-duroob-tv

    Kara-Tunga hosts Arabic Duroob TV Show for Karamoja Culture Documentary Film

    Kara-Tunga hosted Arabic Duroob TV Show makers for a 4-episode Documentary Film about Karamoja’s Cultural Heritage. The TV show host, Ali Alsaloom, and his film crew stayed at the our Karamoja Safari Camp in Moroto town and our driver guide Onjango Henry is featured on the snow as translator. Despite the fact that it is for the …

  • Karamoja Documentary by Belgian TV-show Beestig!

    This is an amazingly fun Belgian television series for children showing how people in the world live with animals. For this 16 episode series, our favourite Belgian musician/presenter Arne Vanhaecke, visited different homesteads and kraals in Karamoja. The series is produced by VTM Kzoom in collaboration with Veterinarians Without Borders Belgium. View all episodes here:

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