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Responsible partners code of conduct

Memorandum of Understanding


This MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is between Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours Ltd and …………………………………………………. [hereafter called partner]. Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours works in partnership with suppliers who believe in sustainability values. Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours is committed to the principle of responsible tourism and works according to a responsible tourism policy. As part of this, we carefully select our partners and ask them to join us in support of responsible tourism and by this to positively contribute towards the destinations economy, environment and people. Signing this MOU showcases the joint commitment to responsible tourism and the partner’s support of our mission.

Towards our customers.

The partner ensures that:


  • It always smiles to customers
  • It always is available to customers, and ready to satisfy their needs at any time
  • It respects their needs and try to satisfy them in a professional way
  • It respects their culture differences and do not judge them
  • It provides regional tourist information and health-related information
  • It provides them a Tourist Code of Conduct

Towards our employees.

The partner ensures that:


  •  They all signed an official employment contract with clear terms and conditions of job
  • They all earn a living wage
  • More than 80% of the employees are locals
  • There is a good communication and total transparency within the company towards any news, projects, or event going on
  • All employee has the possibility to freely express any complaints or suggest any comment, and is aware of it

Towards our partners.

The partner ensures that:


  •  It regularly informs partners about the company’s news, events and projects going on
  • All partners signed a partnership contract with it
  • All partners signed the Responsible Partner’s Code of Conduct
  • They respect human rights, are committed to preserve the environment and the local heritage
  • It respects partners’ activity, is not in competition with them but rather collaborate, help each other and work together as a team

Towards the local population.

The partner ensures that:


  • Its activity does not disturb the natural balance of the local population
  • Its activity does not overuse local resources (water, power, etc.) and does not prevent the local population from having access to these essential resources
  • Its activity includes the local population to enables contact and interaction with tourists
  • It is proud of local heritage and it puts it into light through the activity, the delivered information and the accommodation decoration

Towards the environment.

The partner ensures that:


  • Its collects and recycles waste
  • It practices composting
  • It reduces packaging use and bans the use of plastic bags
  • It reduces water and energy consumption
  • It does not contaminate water with chemicals products
  • It uses as much natural products as possible for cleaning
  • It buys local food
  • It supports local environment initiatives

By signing this MOU, the partner agrees to commit his/hers business to responsible practises where possible. The partner also understand the commitment of Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours towards responsible tourism and will support this philosophy and operate accordingly.


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