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Things to do in Moroto

Karamoja, Northeast Uganda

Moroto is worth a one-to-three-day visit on your way from Jinja / Sipi Falls / Mt Elgon to Kidepo Valley. The town at the slopes of the volcanic massive Mt Moroto and the surrounding savannah planes withhold a range of things to do in Moroto for everybody: hiking and trekking, cultural experiences, bicycle tours, bush walks and archeological tours.

Hiking & Trekking

Discover Mount Moroto

Cultural  bike tours

Ride the Nomad Warrior Trails

A truly unique birding Environment

Undiscovered Outback of Uganda

Archeology & History

History & Rock Art

Cultural Experiences

Homestays & Visits

Nomad Warrior Night

Unforgettable memory

Things to do in other towns


Rocks, Wildlife and Tribes


Rich culture

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