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    Karamoja has become a safe tourist destination

    Karamoja has become a safe tourist destination – It’s the first question I ask Theo Vos, the charming 33 year-old founder of Kara Tunga, which is the travel company that arranged my visit of the last two days. He is developing cultural tourism to the region, he explains. Theo, whose mother is from Karamojong descent, …

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    My Internship Karamoja Sustainable Tourism Management

    Internship Karamoja Sustainable Tourism Management – In 2019, I got the chance to be part of Kara-Tunga team as a volunteer for 6 months, from February to July 2019. What a pleasure! I was in charge of the sustainable development of the tour company and especially of helping them being certified Travelife (a sustainable tourism …

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    My unforgettable six months in Northeast Uganda developing Karamoja Tourism Academy

    Last November 2018, Theo (founder/director of Kara-Tunga) asked me to come to Moroto to coordinate the research for the Karamoja Tourism Academy. I never hesitated and resigned from my job in the Netherlands. A few weeks later I was there, fresh in Karamoja.

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    BikePacking Untouched Karamoja region of Uganda

    BikePacking Karamoja Uganda – We have organized our tour through Kara-Tunga. This is in Moroto and our contact person is Theo Vos. He was born and raised in the Netherlands but left for Uganda when his mother, originally Karamajong, returned to Uganda. Now he is trying to generate income for the region through tourism. Their …

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    Memorable Tour in Karamoja with Kara-Tunga

    Memorable Tour in Karamoja with Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Tours – We enjoyed five memorable days in the Karamoja region in early October and highly recommend the services of Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours in Moroto. Theo, of Kara-Tunga, helped us organize our diverse itinerary before we travelled to Uganda.

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  • Kara-Tunga was Worth a detour!

    If you travel to or from Kidepo Valley NP, this place is worth a detour. Not specific about the lodge itself, but Theo and his colleagues really offer a special program to get to know the area and the Karamojo people.

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    Bikepacking from Karamoja via Turkana to Ethiopia

    Bikepacking from Karamoja via Turkana to Ethiopia – Occasionally we meet people with courage and passion who took the opportunity to travel the world by bicycle like our friend Davide Travelli.

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  • An authentic tribe in Uganda: the Karamojong

    An authentic tribe in Uganda: the Karamojong – Last week I had a unique opportunity to visit an authentic tribe in Uganda. I would like to invite you on the same journey and travel back to read what I have experienced.

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    Visiting Karamoja with School Children

    The direction, teachers and parents of Acorns International School Kampala sent their children on an unforgettable cultural exchange and outdoor adventure to Karamoja.

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    Motorbike Safari through Uganda’s Karamojaland

    Motorbike Safari through Uganda’s Karamojaland – The Dutch couple Mandy and Peter travelled a week through Karamojaland and drove their motorbikes through the savannah planes and volcanic ranges. We had the pleasure to guide them through our homeland and gave them a taste of our untouched culture and true African wilderness.

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