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Kara-Tunga aims at developing and promoting tourism to the Karamoja region of northeast Uganda. Media and press relations is an important tool to achieve this goal in developing the northeastern circuit. Therefore Kara-Tunga actively invites and hosts journalists and story tellers. Contact us for more information and support

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    Documentary COVID-19 Hope for Tourism in Karamoja

    Documentary COVID-19 Hope for Tourism in Karamoja – This is where the Kara-Tunga journey started, 4 years ago on Mountain Moroto. And today we are grateful to be able to share why Karamoja is undoubtedly Uganda’s Best Kept Secret with the help of the makers of ‘The Best Job Ever – A Documentary of 14 …

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    Karamoja Travel Guide in Swedish Vagabond Magazine

    Since our beginnings, we have been blessed to collaborate with photographer, story teller and guide Marcus Westberg. His passion for the remote and unknown made us engage in a long-term commitment to cover Uganda’s best kept secret: Karamoja.

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    Photographers journey to Lake Turkana for Warrior Nomad Trail

    Exploring Lake Turkana for the Warrior Nomad Trail – Dutch Photographer Jesse Simonis and Kara-Tunga travelled to the west of Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya to explore possibilities of including worlds largest desert lake on the Warrior Nomad Trail map.

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    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam – Watch an epic video edit of our partner Clark Expeditions that offers Enduro style Mountain Bike holidays, riding the incredible trails around Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

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    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja

    4 Years Impact through Tourism in Karamoja – Your support empowered our rural communities with an additional income, educated local youth with a marketable skill, created jobs, self-employment and motivated the preservation of our cultural heritage and environment. Follow our story: 4 years of impact through tourism in Karamojaland, Northeast Uganda. Scroll through video’s, view photos, read testimonials, check facts and figures. Read the full …

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  • Karamoja Uganda in Eating with Africa cook book

    Karamoja Uganda in Eating with Africa book – We are honoured to have supported Eating with Africa in researching our food culture. Buy the book and discover our indigenous recipes and of other tribes in Africa.

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    Karamoja tours in Bradt guide Uganda 2020-2021

    Karamoja tours in Bradt guide Uganda – Kara-Tunga featured as preferred tour operator for Karamoja region and hiking Mt Moroto in Northeast Uganda.

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    Karamoja featured in Turkish Magazine ZOOM

    We therefore actively seek and host journalists from all over the world like the Turkish writer. We hosted Küçük Dünya – Yaprak Keşifte and her team in Moroto at the Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Safari Camp and took her on an unique journey to discover the rich culture heritage and untouched natural environment.

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    Kara-Tunga hosts Arabic Duroob TV Show for Karamoja Culture Documentary Film

    Kara-Tunga hosted Arabic Duroob TV Show makers for a 4-episode Documentary Film about Karamoja’s Cultural Heritage. The TV show host, Ali Alsaloom, and his film crew stayed at the our Karamoja Safari Camp in Moroto town and our driver guide Onjango Henry is featured on the snow as translator. Despite the fact that it is for the …

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    Karamoja Safari featured in Columbus Magazine

    Karamoja Safari featured in the Dutch and Belgium magazine called Columbus Travel Magazine. The magazine highlights a 20 pages travel report from climbing worlds Mt Elgon (4321m), an authentic cultural experience in Karamojaland and ending with an off the beaten path Wildlife Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park!

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