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Karamoja Travel Tips Client Testimonials – Read 200 plus reviews on Northeast Uganda. Varying from backpackers, solo travellers, families and group tours.

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    Testimonial: Tour of Karamoja, Heavy but Magical

    Marije Boot (Netherlands), Tour of Karamoja 2022 – Marije participated for the second time in Uganda’s annual wilderness bicycle event and this year she brought a friend along.

  • Community Tourism is a Business Model, not a Charity

    Maria Schiffer, 11th December 2022 – I’m back in Uganda because of Theo, whom I met while working on my book Eating With Africa In 2018. I’ve been traveling along the Warrior Nomad Trail the last week, researching and experiencing Community Tourism.

  • We are looking back at our first successful trip for Dutch travel agent hiking the extinct volcanoes of Karamoja and Mount Elgon on the Warrior Nomad Trail.

    Trekking in Uganda: Kadam, Moroto, Elgon

    We are looking back at our first successful trip for Dutch travel agent hiking the extinct volcanoes of Karamoja and Mount Elgon on the Warrior Nomad Trail.

  • Warrior Nomad Trail, West-Pokot Tourism Tips

    Mapping Kenya’s West-Pokot for Warrior Nomad Trail

    We just returned from mapping a trail through Kenya’s West-Pokot County. The trail is meant for the Warrior Nomad Trail initiative to guide travelers through East Africa’s least travelled areas. West-Pokot is located across the borders of Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region. It’s easy accessible by road from Amudat District. The main attractions are Mount Mtelo, Lake …

  • Kara-Tunga Eco-Camps is one of My Most Unique Experiences

    Robin Y, Nov 2022 – Kara-Tunga is one of the most unique experiences i have had. So different from the rest of Uganda, at the top of the Mountains on the Kenya-Uganda escarpment, the views are breath taking.

  • Timu Eco-Camp, Remote place with Outstanding Views

    Gwen AndKirsty, Nov 2022 – We stopped on our way from Kidepo to Moroto. Timu Eco-Camp is at the end of a ridge and you have 360 views from East to West. The winds were strong (as it happens during season change) but our tent was protected from the winds as it was on the …

  • tour-of-karamoja-review-2022-jouke-7

    Breathtakingly Beautiful Tour of Karamoja

    What a special trip it was, the Tour of Karamoja both Uganda and Kenya was really breathtakingly beautiful.

  • kara-tunga-tour-of-karamoja-review-marije-1

    My second time on the Impressive Tour of Karamoja

    For the fourth time I have visited the beautiful land of the Karamoja, with its beautiful people. For the second time I joined the Tour of Karamoja, the 7-day cycling trip through the hills and valleys in Uganda and Kenya.

  • tour of karamoja-testimonial-elishama-m-1

    Undoubtedly East Africa’s Best Mountain Bike tour

    The Annual Tour of Karamoja is a journey by bicycle that gives an opportunity to explore places off the beaten path in spectacular landscapes and communities.

  • kara-tunga-tour-of-karamoja-warrior-nomad-trail-stage-2

    Tour of Karamoja unveils Africa’s most diverse and remote wilderness

    The Tour of Karamoja 2022 TOK22 combined some of the most diverse and remote wilderness in East Africa if not all of Africa. The event entailed some of the most dramatic landscapes, amazing wildlife and some of the richest, most authentic cultural experiences all wrapped up in the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding cycling experience …

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