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    Testimonial: Tour of Karamoja, Heavy but Magical

    Marije Boot (Netherlands), Tour of Karamoja 2022 – Marije participated for the second time in Uganda’s annual wilderness bicycle event and this year she brought a friend along.

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    Breathtakingly Beautiful Tour of Karamoja

    What a special trip it was, the Tour of Karamoja both Uganda and Kenya was really breathtakingly beautiful.

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    My second time on the Impressive Tour of Karamoja

    For the fourth time I have visited the beautiful land of the Karamoja, with its beautiful people. For the second time I joined the Tour of Karamoja, the 7-day cycling trip through the hills and valleys in Uganda and Kenya.

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    Undoubtedly East Africa’s Best Mountain Bike tour

    The Annual Tour of Karamoja is a journey by bicycle that gives an opportunity to explore places off the beaten path in spectacular landscapes and communities.

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    Dutch Ambassador to Uganda flags off Tour of Karamoja 2022

    Saturday 21st October 2022 – The Dutch ambassador flagged off the Tour of Karamoja and launched the Warrior Nomad Trail. Through eco-tourism development Kara-Tunga Tours fosters peace, prosperity, conservation and creates jobs in the Karamoja region. Additionally, the Tour supports 20 girls to access education through Ride 4 Girl Child initiative.

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    Tour of Karamoja unveils Africa’s most diverse and remote wilderness

    The Tour of Karamoja 2022 TOK22 combined some of the most diverse and remote wilderness in East Africa if not all of Africa. The event entailed some of the most dramatic landscapes, amazing wildlife and some of the richest, most authentic cultural experiences all wrapped up in the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding cycling experience …

  • Fun first Tour of Karamoja Social Ride

    The first Tour of Karamoja Social Ride was a great success and the perfect training for the event.

  • kara-tugna-award-world-tourism-day-uganda-karamoja-2022

    Kara-Tunga Awarded Special Recognition by Ministry of Tourism

      27th September 2022, at World Tourism Day Celebrations, Kara-Tunga Tours was recognized by the Government of Uganda Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Uganda for Its “Passion and Promotion of Community Tourism in Uganda”.

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    Karamoja develops Uganda’s first Travel Manifesto and Pledge

    Sustainable tourism is no longer enough. The people of Karamoja have embraced regenerative tourism to create a better world through travel. Since tourism in Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region is still in its infancy, it is incredibly important to raise awareness and to set expectations and guidelines now. Karamoja is the first place in East Africa where …

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    Tour of Karamoja 2022 – Social Ride

    Are you still doubting to join the Tour of Karamoja – Uganda’s Warrior Nomad Trail Bicycle Challenge? No worries, join our Social Ride in Kampala on Saturday 10th September and we will convince you with the help of fellow participants, event veterans and a cold beer.

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