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Tour of Karamoja

Tour of Karamoja is a mountain bike event taking place in the untouched northeast of Uganda and aimed at promoting and developing sustainable tourism in the region.


Next edition


Tour of Karamoja 2020

4-11 October 2020

Map of Karamoja, Africa and Uganda


The first two editions of Tour of Karamoja were set south and north from Moroto town, looking up at the highest peak in Karamoja with a  breathtaking view of plains below. A very special combination of great riding, breathtaking scenery intertwined with authentic cultural experience that the Karamoja region offers.

The 2020 edition will take place over a period of 7 days, starting from Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, through the undulating savannah plains into Uganda’s most scenic national park: Kidepo Valley. The ride takes you over gravel-roads with breathtaking scenery and a taste of East Africa’s most unspoilt cultural heritage.



The trails vary in degrees of difficulty from adventurer to warrior. The gravel roads will vary from flowing rolling stages to advanced and even include technical downhill trail.



The Karamoja subregion exists out of fast grasslands with scattered jagged peaks and  mountain ranges that usually mark small trading centres with sometimes standard hotels but more often smaller guest houses. During the tour

Tour of Karamoja 2020

4 – 11 October 2020

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