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The Karamoja Workshops are tours aimed at connecting travellers with craftsmen, two-way sharing of knowledge, improving communities livelihoods and preserving cultural heritage. Through the workshops, craftsmen are able to double or triple their income and learn more about a potential group of buyers and fellow artists.

Travellers get an unique insight into the life of the local community and share knowledge and stories by sharing quality time together.

  • 1 Day Secrets of Karamoja Mining Tour

  • Karamoja Basket Weaving Workshop

  • Karamoja Hat Weaving Workshop

  • Karamoja Beading Workshop

  • Karamoja Wood Carving Workshop

  • Karamoja Beekeeping Tour

  • Karamoja Clay Sculpting Workshop

  • Karamoja Gold Mining Tour

  • Traditional Karamoja Healer Tour

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