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Impact of Tourism

Kara-Tunga Tours has developed authentic cultural experiences and outdoor adventures throughout the Karamoja region. The organisation aims at creating job opportunities, preserving cultural heritage and natural environment.


Community contribution

75% of the tour fee goes directly to beneficiaries of the local community and 25% flows back to the social enterprise.


The beneficiaries are divided in three groups:

  • Organised community groups
  • Community guides and porters
  • Experienced local guides
  • Small local businesses


Social enterprise

Kara-Tunga is a social enterprise and therefore strives to give back to the community by conducting a healthy and profitable business that’s able to grow and create (job) opportunities for the local community. Therefore the organisation focusses on investing in four pillars:


  1. Marketing: Promotion regional tourism in the (intern)national market
  2. Education: Building capacity of the indigenous communities in tourism and hospitality
  3. Product development: Developing marketable tours together with the host communities with cultural sensitivity and environmental respect.
  4. Sustainability: Limiting any negative impacts of our operations


Impact of tourism

Due to the decades of insecurity and isolation, the Karimojong were disputed by fellow-Ugandans as uncivilised. Never would they have imagined that people would travel from far to learn about their rich culture.


Today the indigenous community is restoring their cultural pride and learning about its value, opportunities and risks.


Therefore Kara-Tunga strives for tourism development with collective decision making and revenue sharing like the Mount Moroto Lia Parish Community Association we supported to formalise. 

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