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Opportunity Fund

Our aim is to enable small, local businesses to benefit from tourism, whilst also creating a more appealing, authentic destination offer.


We work with small and micro enterprises, building local people’s skills and confidence to access the international tourism market so that they gain secure incomes.  For example, we have worked with those making and selling crafts and food producers.  We also encourage hotels, tour operators and wholesalers to purchase locally-produced products.


We have in-house expertise and partners in skills training, workshop facilitation, and in convening public/private partnerships.

How we do it

Product development

An important part of the skills development was to enable the two groups to develop products suitable for the tourism market. This included how to conduct product testing, developing a strong brand, and meeting legal, health and safety requirements.

Capacity Building

We support the communities to develop their businesses, by providing training including in marketing, administration, accounting, information management and team work.

Environmental protection

We supported the communities to improve their bee-keeping practices to protect and conserve the bees. Plus, we helped both groups to integrate sustainable environmental practice into their businesses.

Market Access

We supported the creation of purchasing agreements with traders which are being renewed annually, underpinning the long-term sustainability of the project.


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