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Tour of Karamoja, Easter 2021

$1.150,00 / per person

The Tour of Karamoja 2021 – Uganda’s Wilderness Bike Tradition is taking place 5-10 April 2021 from Pian Upe to Kidepo Valley. For non-participants, sign-up for the special family/friends-friendly Easter Wilderness Weekend with Mount Kadam hikes and Walking safari through Pian Upe.

Official jersey – Get ultimate memory with the official ‘Warrior Nomad Trail’ Ride jersey.

35 in stock

Accommodation upgrade *

Upgrade to ensuite room in Kaabong Resort (Wednesday) and ensuite safari tent at Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Friday, Saturday). Total of 3 nights upgraded.

Bike rental *

Rent a Gorilla Mountain Bike including servicing and transport to- from the event.

Transportation *

Group transport from and to Kampala for yourself and your (private) bicycle.

Jersey *

Get ultimate memory with the official ‘Warrior Nomad Trail’ Ride jersey.

Easter Wilderness Weekend

The following packages include camping fees (excl. camping equipment) and Full Board meals at Pian Upe WR. Select ‘Camping + Meals’ when not participating in the mentioned activities.


Tour of Karamoja, Easter 2021

The participants of the first multi-stage event for its intimacy and diversity that respected the untouched environment and created lasting friendships.

Therefore Kara-Tunga Tours and partners are excited to announce TWO dates for for 2021 (Easter Holiday and Last week of October). To give more people the opportunity to enjoy Uganda’s true wilderness with respect for the environment, host communities and participants.

The Tour of Karamoja team is excited to announce the official 4th edition of Uganda’s Wilderness Bike Tradition following the Warrior Nomad Trail in the untamed Karamoja land. The event is aimed at positively impacting the image of the region, preserving culture and natural environment and creating (job) opportunities for the local youth through sustainable tourism development.

The Tour of Karamoja honours its co-founder, former Tour de France cyclist and Sports Television commentator Paul Sherwen (1956-2018). This edition is in memory of Karamoja’s great ambassador.

Easter dates

The Tour of Karamoja 2021 is a one week event with 5 days/stages on the saddle and one day (bike safari / car safari) in Kidepo Valley National Park.

– Fri-Sun 2-4 April: Arrival / Registration
– Sat-Sun 3-4 April: Easter Wilderness Weekend
– Mon-Fri 5-9 April: 5-Day Bike Tour
– Sat 10 April: Bicycle safari in Kidepo Valley NP
– Sun 11 April: Departure

Ticket prices

– Bike Event: 1,150 USD / 4,320,000 UGX per person
– Wilderness Weekend, Activities: 190 USD / 700,000 UGX per person
– Wilderness Weekend, Camp + Meals only: 80 USD / 295,000 UGX per person
– Bike Rental (6 days): 240 USD / 890,000 UGX per bike
– Group transport + Bike: 125 USD / 465,000 UGX per person
– Accommodation upgrade (3 nights): 100 USD / 3700 UGX per person

Additional services

• Massage: $15 / massage
• Bicycle repairs / spare parts

Easter Wilderness Weekend

Chose one of the two below family/friends-friendly tour packages to enjoy Easter Weekend with your team!

Option 1:

– 2 Day / 1 Night Camp & Hike Mount Kadam:

Option 2:

– Sat, Full Day Hike Mount Kadam
– Sun, Full Day Walking Safari in Pian Upe WR.


The tour will follow ‘Uganda’s Warrior Nomad Trail’ starting in Southern Karamoja land and ending in Africa’s most applauded awarded national park ‘Kidepo Valley National Park’.

Minimum participants

The Tour of Karamoja has a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 35 participants only therefore registration must be paid to guarantee your entry before 27 March 2021.

Type of rider

The TOK is best suited to the above average experienced mountain biker, an adventurer that yearns for more adventure and less race. Participants who are up to the challenge of daily stage distances exceed 80-100 km across rugged terrain, high temperatures and basic camping facilitates.


• 19 March 2021 – Online event registration
• 22 March 2021 – Event confirmation by minimum 25 riders
• 26 March 2021 – Make full payment


• 5 Nights – Camping Fees (with your own camping gear)
• 2 Nights – Shared room accommodation in Kidepo Valley NP
• 6 Days – Full Board Meals, From Sunday 4 April – Saturday 10 April
• 5 Days – Lunch stop and 2 x Water points during the ride
• 2 Days Kidepo Valley NP entry fees
• Luggage transport service from start to finish of event
• Full time First Aid and Medical personnel
• Emergency evacuation vehicle and motorbike
• Community activities
• Full time security team
• Experienced tour guides


• Transport to and from the event (service providers are available)
• Bicycles and personal protective equipment
• Medical insurance for any hospitalisation
• AMREF medical evacuation scheme

Stage support

• There will be 2 water points per stage. Participants must be self-sufficient for on stage hydration & nutrition. A 3L Camelback is recommended to survive 2-3 hours of hard cycling between water points.

Park fees

• Registration includes access to Kidepo Valley National Park
• Charges EA Residents at international visitor rates
• Proof of your residency status is required at entry to the park


The Tour of Karamoja, Easter 2021 is a one week event taking. There will be 5 days/stages on the saddle and one optional extra day in Kidepo Valley National Park.

– Fri-Sun 2-4 April: Arrival / Registration
– Sat-Sun 3-4 April: Pian Upe WR / Mt Kadam Tour
– Mon-Fri 5-9 April: 5-Day Bike Tour
– Sat 10 April: Cycle safari in Kidepo Valley NP
– Sun 11 April: Departure


To be confirmed


The minimum participants for the event is 10 and the maximum is 30.

Registration inclusions

– Snacks and drinks during the ride
– Emergency car and motorbike
– Tour guides
– Standby first aid and medical staff
– Security team
– Photo/video registration

Registration exclusions

– Personal health insurance or emergency evacuation cover
– Drinks off-the-saddle
– Transport to-and-from the event
– Bicycle servicing
– Massage service


– Truly Off the Beaten Path
– Part of a pioneering event
– Support indigenous communities
– Authentic cultural experience
– Wildlife viewing
– Guided by experienced guides


Transport is excluded from the registration fee and can be booked as a ride sharing option in the Whatsapp Group of the event. The transport will be needed for participants and their luggage from Kampala to the start in Pian Upe WR and from the finish in Kidepo Valley NP to Kampala.

– To and from: $150 per person

Bed & Breakfast

Available packages:

– Camping all days
– Basic rooms, 2 nights camping
– Basic rooms, 2 nights camping, optional upgrades

Accommodation types

Pian Upe – Bandas and Camping
Amudat – Bandas and Camping
Moroto – Guesthouse and Camping
Kaabong – Hotel and Camping
Morungole – Bush camp
Kidepo Valley – Safari tents and Camping

Extra bike services

– Private Bike transfer to start from finish: $80
– 6 Days Bike rental: $240
– Bike servicing: $10 / service

Park entry fees

Kidepo Valley Entrance fee (2 days in total)
– Foreign: $40 pp/day
– Resident: $30 pp/day
– Citizen: 20,000 ugx pp/day
– Annual pass: FREE


– Official jersey: $60
– Paul Sherwen RoadID Bracelet $40

Cancellation policy

Below refunds less bank charges
– 2+ months = 100% refund
– 2-1 month = 50% refund
– 1 month-2 weeks = 25% refund
– Less than 2 weeks = 0% refund

  1. Carina Van R

    The Tour of Karamoja was an unforgettable and epic experience! Or should we call it an adventure? It was my first time that I signed up for a cycling trip like this in Uganda. Muddy tracks, river crossings to get wet feet, technical rocky descents (not my thing, that’s an understatement), steep and sometimes long climbs, rural villages and
    breath-taking views.

    The Tour of Karamoja is an adventures way of exploring Karamoja and get to know more about this region. I rode about 480 km’s in 6 days. It’s not really a cycling tour for beginners. If you love cycling and you want to challenge yourself a bit more, the you should definitely join this tour!

  2. Sandra

    A fantastic adventure that combines a tough physical challenge with a truly off the beaten track experience in the less visited Karamoja. Prepare for long and hot days on your bicycle traveling trough the beautiful landscape. The Kara Tunga team will take good care of you and make sure that both you and your luggage arrives safe to the destination for the night. Accomodation is a mix between camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere and staying in nice lodges with wifi and hot water. The trip ends in Kidepo national park where you can enjoy the more “normal” tourist activity of viewing wildlife.

  3. Steven

    The 2020 Tour of Karamoja was a truly epic adventure from start to finish. The views were non-stop and Theo and the Kara-Tunga team were fantastic hosts. The biking was more endurance than technical with long but rewarding days. A wonderful ride through an absolutely beautiful part of Uganda ending in my favorite park, Kidepo. Looking forward to doing this on a yearly basis!

  4. Brian J

    Epic epic trip it’s been an amazing experience. Experienced Karamoja in a whole new way. Team Karatunga kudos can’t wait for the next big adventure

  5. Rod

    The tour was fantastic! It helped me appreciate Uganda and especially Karamoja and I met some fantastic people along the way. This was a 1st for me in many ways (1st tour, longest rides, 1st on dirt, rocky trails, muddy trails, and hills that never ended, 1st for technical downhills (exhilarating!) . The ride taught me about biking, the dangers of the Acia thorns, pacing yourself-planning for the entire day’s ride-, what to eat and drink and how much for a long ride in these conditions, about clip-less peddles and the importance of proper bike fitting, and I learned a lot about my body and how resilient and capable it really is.

  6. Jesper

    It has been a most outstanding bicycle tour we have undertaken through Karamoja with outstanding landscape, nature, people we met along the route, our fellow riders which we got to know better and better as we cycled along. Karamoja is a very unique destinations and heaven for cyclists who are ready for some challenge off the beaten track.

  7. EliMangen

    The Multi-stage was quite an experience and something to reckon with. The trails perfectly mapped to include both challenging and fun moments and the support crew which was exceptional cant be overlooked.

  8. Robert

    It was an amazing experience cycling with great people through stunning landscapes. I’m so happy I joined the Tour of Karamoja 2020! Definitively unforgettable.

  9. Pieter

    Great sport event with a very nice community/family feeling and a good blend of local culture. Made some great friends that I will defintitely see more!

  10. Anika

    I learned so much about myself and about how I handle challenges that push me to new limits which I did not even know before.

  11. Steven

    It was a fantastic adventure from start to finish, amazing scenery and perfect mix of endurance and technical riding.

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