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1 Day Teso Cultural Tour & Canoe Trekking

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A Canoe Trekking Safari to witness the Shoebill in one of Uganda’s most untouched wetlands. An unforgettable adventurous mix with local fisher men. One person: $95. Two person and more $75 per person. Listed price excludes transportation.

1 pax 2 pax +
Prices per person $ 95 $ 75

1 Day Teso Cultural Tour & Canoe Trekking

Karamoja’s (northeast Uganda) wetland system is the last remaining wetland system uniquely placed between the drier regions of Karamoja in the North and the wetter areas in the South. This is the only place you may see birds such as African hornbill, fox weaver bird, shoebill, pelicans, egrets, eagles, secretary bird, owls etc.

The Teso Cultural Tour & Canoe Trekking offers much besides unique birds, you’re also able to experience the fascinating ancient Nyero rock paintings and traditional life of the Teso fishers community along the shores of the lake.

This tour is a perfect combination with hiking Mount Napak and continuing your journey through the wilds of Karmaojaland from Moroto northwards.


Including: Lunch, drinking water and activities. Excluding: Transportation and accommodation. 

1 pax 2 pax +
Prices per person $ 95 $ 75


Time indication
  • Departure: 5:30AM
  • Return: 7PM


  • Shoebill Canoe Trekking
  • Traditional lunch in local restaurant
  • Visit ancestral Nyero Rock paintings
  • Experience daily life in the village
  • Local bar visit


  • Tour guide
  • Drinking water
  • Activities
  • Community contribution
  • Entrance fees


  • Transport
  • Meals (bring 50.000 ugx for meals and snacks)
  • No products in the basket.