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7 Days Karamoja Truck Safari – Journey through the wilds of Karamojaland


The Karamoja Bus takes you on a safari through Uganda’s untouched northeast from the wilds of Pian Upe wildlife reserve through Karamoja’s undulating savannah planes to Kidepo Valley national park.


7 Days Karamoja Truck Safari

The Karamoja Truck Safari takes you on a safari through Uganda’s untouched northeast from Mt Elgon through Karamoja’s the savannah planes to Kidepo Valley.

Why this safari works….

While places like Bwindi or Murchison Falls might be pretty well known, Karamoja and the far northeast are way off the beaten track. The tiniest fraction of tourists visiting Uganda ever make it deep into the Karamoja frontier lands, so you have an utterly wild, unspoilt and authentic adventure through some incredible scenery and amidst some fascinating local communities. We’ve tried to give you some idea of the itinerary below, but to be honest, adventures in this part of the world are unpredictable- this is one for the romantics and the seriously intrepid!


Day 1. Drive from Kampala to Pian Upe
Day 2. Visit one of Karamoja’s most preserved clans living in Kenya’s Turkanaland as well in Karamojaland: The Pokot
Day 3. Mountain Biking and Cultural Experience with the people of Mt Moroto: Tepeth
Day 4. Visit East Africa’s largest village, home to the Jié clan. And stay a night between the impressive granite rocks in Kaabong’s Dodoth clan.
Day 5. One day hike to learn about Uganda’s smallest hill tribe living on the borderlands of Kidepo Valley National Park: The Ik
Day 6. A day of wildlife viewing in Uganda’s most scenic national park Kidepo Valley.
Day 7. Drive from Kidepo Valley to Kampala

Means of transport

The Karamoja Truck Safari selects the most suitable 4WD vehicle based on the amount of guests and weather conditions. The fleet exists out of: Toyota Hiace Safari Van, Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol.

Private trip or group safari

However, if you can pull together an intrepid band of friends or would like to travel alone or with your partner. We’re happy to arrange a special departure just for you.


Kara-Tunga Tours can offer this 6 night trip for $995 per person.

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