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Kara-Tunga Karamoja Cultural Tours Dance Tribe Uganda Travel Safari
Kara Tunga Karamoja Uganda Cultural Tour Homestay
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Bush Camping
Kara Tunga Karamoja Uganda Cultural Tour Homestay
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Uganda Tours Sipi Falls Walking Safari
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Uganda Tours Sipi Falls Walking Safari
Ikland Murungole Ik People Tribe Karamoja Kidepo Tours
Ikland Murungole Ik People Tribe Karamoja Kidepo Tours
kidepo valley national park karamoja torus travel kara tunga
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Tours Sipi Falls Walk Caves
Kidepo Valley Uganda Accommodation Safaris Tour Travel Savannah Lodge
Kidepo Valley Uganda Accommodation Safaris Tour Travel Savannah Lodge
Kidepo Valley Uganda Accommodation Safaris Tour Travel Savannah Lodge
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Cultural Tours Dance Tribe Uganda Travel Safari
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Cultural Tours Dance Tribe Uganda Travel Safari
Kara-Tunga Karamoja Cultural Tours Market Acution Day Tribe Uganda Travel Safari

7 Days Best of Karamoja Camping Safari

From: $1.549,00 7 days

Max 4 persons. Park fees, activities, camping sites and meals included.

5.00 out of 5

Discover the Untouched Wilderness of North East Uganda in a Land Cruiser with Rooftop tent and Chauffeur. Travel from the foothills of Mount Elgon to Africa’s most scenic Wildlife Parks; Kidepo Valley.

Plunge into the beauty of Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls is located in east Uganda and northwest of Mount Elgon rise in a series of massive basalt cliffs, often several kilometres in length, over which the mountain’s rivers plunge as beautiful waterfalls. Here we stay at Lacam Lodge that’s built on slopes with breathtaking views of the Sipi Falls.

The next day is spent venturing out to see the waterfalls from up close, experience the warm culture of the Sebei people and witness how one of Uganda’s most delicious coffee is grown.

Experience traditional life in a Karimojong village

Immerse yourself in Karamojong culture. The afternoon is spent participating traditional games, daily activities as preparing staple foods, harvesting, beading, learning, dance, how to shoot bow and arrow and traditional friendly wrestling.

Sleeping a night with the Karimojong Warriors in the Kraal

Experience typical Karimojong pastoral life by sleeping a night with the animals and shepherds in the Kraal. Help bringing the cows to the kraal, share stories around the campfire, play games with the warriors and learn how all about nomadic life

Hike Mount Morungole and visit the Ik tribe

Mount Morungole (also known as Ikland) is located in the absolute northern hills of Karamoja. Here lives the smallest tribe of Uganda called the Ik. The Ik have always lived in nowadays Kidepo Valley National Park but have been displaced 50 years ago whereby the now live on the mountain ridges.

Visiting the IK gives you a rare insight into a unique tribe in Africa. You will find stunningly beautiful Scenery the higher your climb takes you, simply breathtaking scenes in the valleys below you and into the Eastern Rift Valley of Kenya and over to Southern Sudan.

Discover Africa’s most scenic and award winning wildlife reserve; Kidepo Valley

Discover one of Africa’s most scenic national parks containing one of the most exciting faunas of any Ugandan parks, with over 80 species of animals, several of which are only found in the Kidepo Valley like; cheetahs, striped hyenas, caracal, lions, elephants, leopards, warthogs, ostriches, buffaloes, giraffes and over 465 birds species.

Day by day (advised departure on Sunday)

Day 1 AM: Transfer from Kampala to Sipi Falls (Camping, Lacam Lodge)
Day 2 AM: Sipi Falls Walk
Day 2 PM: Sipi Arabica Coffee Tour
Day 3 AM: Transfer to Moroto
Day 3 PM: Life in a Karamojong village
Day 3 PM: A Night with the Warriors in the Kraal (Bush Camping)
Day 4 AM: Transfer to Karenga (Camping, Kidepo Savannah Lodge)
Day 4 AM: Visit traditional cattle market in Kotido (Only when tour departure on Sunday)
Day 5 AM: Climb Mount Morungule to visit the IK tribe (4hrs up, 2hrs down)
Day 5 PM: Transfer to Kidepo Valley NP (Camping, Kidepo Savannah Lodge)
Day 6 AM: Morning Game Drive
Day 6 AM: Afternoon Nature Walk
Day 7 AM: Transfer to Kampala

Tour extensions
  • Kampala City Tour with Boda Boda, Mountain Bikes or Car
  • 2-4hrs Jinja Source of the Nile Tour
  • 1-4 Days Jinja Rafting or Kayaking Axpedition
  • Mount Elgon Hiking & Trekking Tours


• Sipi Falls Nature Walk & Coffee Tour
• Karamoja Community Bush Camping
• Authentic Karimojong Cultural Experience
• Wildlife Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park
• Climbing Mount Morungole


• Listed activities
• Listed Camping Sites
• A professional driver/guide
• Park Entree fees (non-resident)
• Land Cruiser w/ Rooftop Tent
• Meals


• International flights
• Additional accommodation before and at the end of the tour
• Tips (tipping guideline US$10.00 pp per day)
• Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
• Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees
• Drinks


• Camping, Lacam Lodge (SIpi Falls)
• Bush Camping (Moroto)
• Camping, Kidepo Savannah Lodge (Kidepo Valley)

Upgrades & Extensions

Accommodation upgrade available in Kidepo Valley National Park. Tour extensions available with for example Sipi Falls, Murchison Falls, Rhino Sanctuary.

  1. 5 out of 5

    (Read detailed review) Dutch language review: We hebben een geweldige tijd in Uganda gehad. Full African experience met werkelijk alles er op en er aan: ontzettend veel dieren gezien, prachtige natuur – van jungle tot woestijnachtige savanne -, oneindig veel bumpy gravel roads, hele mooie lieve mensen ontmoet en overal begroet met een glimlach van oor tot oor.

    Kara-Tunga had alles heel goed geregeld: bij aankomst stond de Toyota Land Cruiser inclusief camping gear op ons te wachten (links rijden was even wennen) en vanaf dat moment hebben we ons geen seconde verveeld met ons custom-made uur-tot-uur programma. Volgend jaar weer!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (Read the original review on Facebook) We had an amazing time in Karamoja staying at Kara-Tunga. Friendly staff, nice rooms and lovely local food!! The place felt like coming home after the first part of our trip through Uganda.

    We started our trip in Karamoja visiting the annual cultural festival and got the chance to experience real Karamojong culture. The day after the festival we visited the Kraal to spent the night with the shepherds. They gave us real Karamojong names and told us stories about their culture. It was really special. We also visited a local village to join the ‘Sunday’ dance with the villagers and saw how they were spending their Sunday afternoon.

    Besides visiting Karamoja we also visited the rest of Uganda with Kara-Tunga. (thank you Theo for being our guide!) We did amongst other things, a boda boda tour in Kampala, rafting in Jinja and visited the national parks Kidepo, Murchison and Kibale forest. If you want to see real nature with beautiful views you must definitely visit Kidepo.

    Thank you Kara-Tunga for one of the best holidays and learning us about the culture of Karamoja. We will definitely come visit you again. Uganda is a beautiful and safe country with friendly people.

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