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    Granite Rock ‘Ruoth’ in Abim offers Uganda’s best Climbing

    Granite Rock ‘Ruoth’ in Abim offers Uganda’s best Climbing – The Ruth rock nicknamed ‘Chief’, is called one of Uganda’s most impressive rock features with some of the best climbing found in Uganda. Though climbed by only a few frontiers with the first found record in 1957.

  • kara-tunga-abim-Rock-Climbing-Uganda-Granite-Ruoth-Amyel-2

    Climbing the Mysterious Granite Rock Ruoth in Abim Uganda

    Climbing the Mysterious Granite Rock Ruoth in Abim District of Northeastern Uganda (February 2013) – Beyond Abim we soon found ourselves staring at the incredible piece of rock we had come to climb, an immense granite dome called Ruoth (The Chief). The main face was 500m of smooth, black, undulating granite, not devoid of weaknesses …

  • Things to do in Abim – Myth of the Mountain

    Things to do in Abim – Abim is a unique geographical location with rugged mountains and lush green vegetation. The people of Abim do not identify themselves with their Karimojong or Lango neighbours, they find themselves unique and go by the name of Ethur.

  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Tours Climbing Hiking Trekking Mt Moroto

    Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Karamoja

    Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Karamoja – Our mandate is to market and develop tourism in the Karamoja region aimed at sustainable enhancement of community livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage and positively impacting the image of the region.

  • Hiking Trekking Mount Kadam

    Mount Kadam, Gigantic Views and Billions of Stars

    Well, when I headed for my very first Kara-Tunga adventure I had a rough idea about what was there to come. I knew I was about to Climb Mount Kadam and to spend one night up there.

  • Mount Moroto and So Tepeth Tribe and Culture

    Mount Moroto is the highest mountain in the Karamoja region of north east Uganda and located against the border of Kenya’s Turkana region. The mountain is an extinct volcano and home to one of Uganda’s smallest tribes, The So/Tepeth.

  • Mount Kadam, People and Culture

    Mount Kadam is the second highest mountain of the Karamoja region in northeaster Uganda with the highest peak called Libo. The mountain also comprises of five tribes that is to say: Pokot, Karamojong, Gishu, Sebei and the Kadama.

  • Mount Kadam: Impressive Climb and Breath Taking View

    When my family came to visit me in Uganda, I wanted them to experience the pearl of Africa in its purest form – no typical touristic stuff, where you feel like sitting in a cinema, watching the life happening from a secure distance. A friend of mine recommended to Climb Mount Kadam with Kara-Tunga to me and I was …

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