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<p>Morungole lies partly in Kidepo Valley National Park of Uganda and South Sudan and is home to the small indigoes tribe of the Ik-People.</p>
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    First graduates Karamoja Hiking Guide Training

    The first group of Karamoja regional hiking guides have successfully completed the hiking guiding training by in collaboration with Karamoja Tourism Academy. It was an eyeopening experience for both the participants and the facilitators, hiking the two highest mountain ranges (Mt Kadam and Mt Moroto) in Karamojaland.

  • Wanderlust-216-Visit-Kidepo-Valley-Morungole-Ik-Tribe-4

    A hike to the Ik people, a highlight in many ways

    Hidden valleys, isolated rural communities and wildlife good-news-stories. Writer Sarah Marshall goes beyond Uganda’s gorillas to find that Uganda is far more diverse than you might think…

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    Assessment Karamoja Hiking Guides on Mount Moroto

    Skilling Karamoja Hiking Guides on Mount Moroto – Kara-Tunga is building a sustainable community-lead regional tourism sector through skilling with the Karamoja Tourism Academy. Together with our partners, we develop demand-based curriculum, train local trainers and local assessors aimed at increasing the accessibility and inspiring the community.

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    Hiking Untamed Mountains of Karamoja in Northeastern Uganda

    Hiking Untamed Mountains of Karamoja in Northeastern Uganda – Kara-Tunga is developing a trail for untamed outdoor adventure (hiking, cycling, walking) with authentic cultural experiences through Uganda’s lesser travelled Karamojaland.

  • jan-bakker-hiking-trekking-guide-leader-karamoja-moroto-kadam

    Expedition leader Jan Bakker Trains Hiking Guides in Karamoja

    Mr. Bakker and dutch hiking tours organisation are part of the Adventure Tourism Uganda project like Kara-Tunga. They are managing the hiking agenda of the project with a great focus on Karamoja as well.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-ik-kidepo-tours-travel-hike-2

    The origin of Uganda’s Ik-tribe is one of Africa’s unsolved mysteries

    Uganda’s Ik-tribe. Travel Africa | January-March 2018. Writer: Mark Eveleigh.

  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Tours Climbing Hiking Trekking Mt Moroto

    Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Karamoja

    Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Karamoja – Our mandate is to market and develop tourism in the Karamoja region aimed at sustainable enhancement of community livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage and positively impacting the image of the region.

  • Mountain Rock Climbing Bouldering Uganda Karamoja Kara-Tunga

    Mount Moroto Hiking and Rock Climbing

    Mount Moroto Hiking and Rock Climbing – The Karamoja region in northeast of Uganda is an area still to be explored for rock climbing and bouldering routes. The numerous volcanic mountain ranges and iconic rock formations have drawn the attention of just a few adventurous climbers.

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