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  • karamoja-tourism-academy-advance-bird-training-lake-mburo-uganda-6

    Kara-Tunga Guide Brian attends Advanced Bird Guide Training

    Kara-Tunga Guide Brian attends Advanced Bird Guide Training. in Lake Mburo National Park with a select group of Uganda’s most potential Bird Guides.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-northeastern-uganda-bird-watching-Pygmy-Falcon-Bokora-Matheniko

    Birding in Matheniko Bokora Wildlife Reserve

    Birding in Northeastern Uganda Matheniko-Bokora Wildlife Reserve with its thorn bush, grasslands with acacias you will be able to meet many beauties. 

  • Crammy-Wanyama-Red-fronted-Tinkerbird-Birding-Karamoja-Northeastern-Uganda

    95 Birds in 1 Day Birding Mount Moroto Karamoja Uganda

    The lately trendy Uganda birding destination is our unexplored Karamoja region. Our Kara-Tunga gudie Brian took Mr. Crammy Wanyama of Avian Safaris and his clients for a day of birding around Mount Moroto Central Forest Reserve along the Kenyan border.

  • fox's-weaver-survey-pian-upe-3-2

    Third Habitat survey Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis

    The Fox’s Weaver Project team conducted a habitat survey for the Fox’s Weaver and Karamoja Apalis in Northeastern Uganda and documented new habitats and insights: There is this saying among those who have been to a Fox’s weaver Survey in North-eastern Uganda “Where there is a Fox’s Weaver there is a Karamoja Apalis, where there …

  • Somali-Masai birds in Uganda’s Mount Moroto

    Today we celebrate Birding ‘Global Big Day’ with fantastic sighting of Crammy Wanyama around Mountain Moroto during his current stay at Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Safari Camp. These photos are of the White-crested Turaco and Shinning Sunbird.

  • Birding in Pian Upe and Karamoja Northeastern Uganda

    Off-the-beaten track Birding in Pian Upe Reserve, Northeastern Uganda

    Birding in Pian Upe Reserve, Northeastern Uganda – The birds were simply amazing. Besides many typical East-African savanna species (which are not so easy to find in Uganda but are fairly common in Kenya and Tanzania) we spotted many of the more localised “specials” like…

  • Kara-Tunga-Mount-Moroto-The-Boran-Cisticola

    Exciting Birds on the slopes of Mountain Moroto

    Exciting Birds on the slopes of Mountain Moroto  – A hike up into the mountain from Moroto town into the woodlands with beautiful views, exciting birds and mountain air with sightings of The Boran Cisticola (One of the rare bird species birder Tony Byarugaba had been tirelessly searching for in vain, turned out to be …

  • Green-backed-Twinspot

    Wonderful birds in Karamoja, Northeastern frontier of Uganda

    Wonderful Birds Karamoja Northeastern Uganda – One of the treasures of Uganda’s Northeastern Karamojaland is the unique Birdlife sighted from the wetlands system in the South and West, the lush forests around the mountain ranges and the thorny acacia thickets and Savannah grasslands on the undulating plains in between.

  • Kara-Tunga Birding Moroto Karamoja-Red-and-Yellow-Barbet

    Birding in and around Moroto

    By Herbert Byaruhanga – This bird was our bird of the day. According to the Birdlife International distribution map, the White-bellied Canary (Crithagra dorsostriata) enters Uganda slightly.

  • fox's-weaver-survey-pian-upe-1

    First survey Fox’s Weaver in Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve

    The first ever survey of the Uganda’s only endemic Fox’s Weaver is conducted in Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve in Northeastern Uganda. The program is initiated by Nature Uganda, funded by UNDP Small Grants Programme and spearheaded by Jonathan Onongo.

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