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  • clark-expeditions-mt-elgon-hiking-riding

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam

    Riding epic trails of Mount Elgon and Mount Kadam – Watch an epic video edit of our partner Clark Expeditions that offers Enduro style Mountain Bike holidays, riding the incredible trails around Mt Elgon in Eastern Uganda.

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  • kara-tunga-karamoja-camp-kraal-shepherd-tour-travel-safari-3

    Memorable Tour in Karamoja with Kara-Tunga

    Memorable Tour in Karamoja with Kara-Tunga, Karamoja Tours – We enjoyed five memorable days in the Karamoja region in early October and highly recommend the services of Kara-Tunga Arts and Tours in Moroto. Theo, of Kara-Tunga, helped us organize our diverse itinerary before we travelled to Uganda.

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  • kara-tunga-bikepackers-karamoja-tours-travel-safari

    Bikepacking from Karamoja via Turkana to Ethiopia

    Bikepacking from Karamoja via Turkana to Ethiopia – Occasionally we meet people with courage and passion who took the opportunity to travel the world by bicycle like our friend Davide Travelli.

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  • kara-tunga-paul-sherwen-bike-tour-of-karamoja-2018-7

    Internship: Event Management, Tour of Karamoja in Uganda

    Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours Ltd is a small scale tour company specialized in organising cultural community tours and outdoor adventures within the Karamoja region of Uganda. We are located in the administrative town of Moroto in the Moroto district where we also offer a range of hospitality services like conferencing, lodging and outdoor catering services. …

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  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-mount-moroto-elephant-grass-2

    Five Reasons to visit the Karamoja region of Uganda

    To say that Uganda’s northeastern region bordering Kenya and South Sudan is a place that exists under the radar would be an understatement.

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  • kara tunga tour of karamoja bike event Paul Sherwen

    Paul Sherwen his love for Africa

    There are many things people don’t know about Paul Sherwen. Many in the cycling world don’t know about his life in Africa and his work with Bicycles for Humanity, the Ugandan Karamoja area and animal conservation. Most people in Africa have no idea of his status in Europe, America and Australia.

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  • Kara-Tunga Tours Piquenews Magazine Mountain Bike Karamoja Mount Moroto

    Bringing mountain bikes to Mt Moroto in Karamoja

    How one Whistler resident is working with the Tepeth community of Mount Moroto and local social enterprise Kara-Tunga Tours to enhance livelihoods through developing mountain bike tourism on the mountain.

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  • Kara-Tunga-Paul-Sherwen-Tour-of-Karamoja

    Paul Sherwen’s humanitarian legacy

    Global cycling news publisher VeloNews contacted Paul Sherwen’s friends, family, and colleagues to better understand his life away from the TV cameras and cycling peloton.

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  • kara-tunga-karamoja-motor-bike-tours-safaris-travel-culture-8

    Motorbike Safari through Uganda’s Karamojaland

    Motorbike Safari through Uganda’s Karamojaland – The Dutch couple Mandy and Peter travelled a week through Karamojaland and drove their motorbikes through the savannah planes and volcanic ranges. We had the pleasure to guide them through our homeland and gave them a taste of our untouched culture and true African wilderness.

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  • Kara Tunga Karamoja Bicycle Tours Travel Safari Moroto Mountain Bike

    Bicycle Tour through Karamoja, the most beautiful part of Uganda

    Bicycle Tour through Karamoja – I was in Moroto for work and decided to stay with Kara Tunga Guest House for the weekend. The rooms are clean with comfortable beds and hot showers.

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