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  • Warrior Nomad Trail, West-Pokot Tourism Tips

    Mapping Kenya’s West-Pokot for Warrior Nomad Trail

    We just returned from mapping a trail through Kenya’s West-Pokot County. The trail is meant for the Warrior Nomad Trail initiative to guide travelers through East Africa’s least travelled areas. West-Pokot is located across the borders of Uganda’s Karamoja sub-region. It’s easy accessible by road from Amudat District. The main attractions are Mount Mtelo, Lake …

  • kara-tunga-tourism-academy-uganda-karamoja-hiking-guiding-training-7

    Expedition Planning training for Warrior Nomad Trail

    Tour operators and trip planners from Mount Rwenzori, Mount Elgon and Karamoja sub-region Warrior Nomad Trail are participating in a workshop “Expedition Planning”.

  • kara-tunga-tour-of-karamoja-review-marije-1

    My second time on the Impressive Tour of Karamoja

    For the fourth time I have visited the beautiful land of the Karamoja, with its beautiful people. For the second time I joined the Tour of Karamoja, the 7-day cycling trip through the hills and valleys in Uganda and Kenya.

  • tok22-video-embassy-netherlands-adventure-tourism-uganda

    Dutch Ambassador to Uganda flags off Tour of Karamoja 2022

    Saturday 21st October 2022 – The Dutch ambassador flagged off the Tour of Karamoja and launched the Warrior Nomad Trail. Through eco-tourism development Kara-Tunga Tours fosters peace, prosperity, conservation and creates jobs in the Karamoja region. Additionally, the Tour supports 20 girls to access education through Ride 4 Girl Child initiative.

  • kara-tunga-tour-of-karamoja-warrior-nomad-trail-stage-2

    Tour of Karamoja unveils Africa’s most diverse and remote wilderness

    The Tour of Karamoja 2022 TOK22 combined some of the most diverse and remote wilderness in East Africa if not all of Africa. The event entailed some of the most dramatic landscapes, amazing wildlife and some of the richest, most authentic cultural experiences all wrapped up in the most challenging, inspiring and rewarding cycling experience …

  • Kara-Tunga-Pioneers-for-Regenerative-Tourism-in-Africa

    Kara-Tunga Pioneers for Regenerative Tourism in Africa

    The Belgian travel agent Joker Reizen mentions Kara-Tunga Tours as pioneer for Regenerative Tourism in Africa.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-warrior-nomda-trail-workshop-national-1

    National Validation Workshop

    On our journey to develop Uganda’s new tourist product Warrior Nomad Trail, we asked for input and buy-in from national stakeholders during a workshop in Kampala.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-adventure-tourism-uganda-webinar-ss

    Karamoja at Adventure Tourism Uganda Webinar

    View the presentation by Kara-Tunga teamleader ‘Theo Vos‘ at the first ever Uganda Adventure Tourism Webinar themed “Market Opportunities and Destination challenges”. Kara-Tunga shared their case-study of developing Karamoja into a must-visit tourist destination. Notes were also shared about the ongoing developments around the Warrior Nomad Trail – A Culture and Adventure Tourist trail through …

  • Flyer-Adventure-Tourism-Expo-Uganda

    Kara-Tunga attends Adventure Tourism Uganda Expo

    Adventure Tourism is the fastest growing niche in tourism worldwide and Uganda has so much to offer all kinds of adventurous tourists!

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