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Support the local communities.

The goal.

The Kara-Tunga groups have established a village loans and savings association where the proceeds from tourism and related income generating activities are saved for sustainable investments. Their main objective is educating their children and therefore the groups have agreed to collectively contribute a percentage of their annual savings to school fees. The savings is also a tool for building resilience in times of emergencies like health and agriculture.

How can you help?


Purchase handmade arts and crafts directly from the maker or via the crafts shop at the Kara-Tunga Guesthouse in Moroto town.



Contribute by undertaking any of the eco-tours available including homestay possibilities.


School stationery

Send or bring along text books and school stationery. We also welcome your ideas, advice and support to initiate income generating projects.



Help to spread the word and provide PR and publicity opportunities for the Kara-Tunga project.

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