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Karamoja Tourism Publications – Read various international publications about developing and promoting tourism in Northeasern Uganda’s, Karamoja land.

Media and press relations is an important tool to achieve this goal in developing the northeastern circuit. Therefore Kara-Tunga actively invites and hosts journalists and story tellers. Contact us for more information and support.

  • watch-kara-tunga-ukarimy-academy-karamoja-uganda-tourism-training

    Watch: Karamoja Tourism Academy in Uganda Eastern Tourism Cluster

    The Karamoja Tourism Academy is proud to be part of the Ukarimu Academy family of private sector institutions which are spearheading a revolution in hospitality and tourism training. Watch the video and learn about Uganda’s eastern tourism cluster existing out of the Karamoja Tourism Academy and the future Elgon Tourism Academy.

  • skift-uganda-karamoja-explore-uganda-kara-tunga

    Skift interview about #ExploreUganda campaign

    World leading travel media Skift interviewed Kara-Tunga co-founder Theo Vos about Uganda’s new Explore Uganda campaign. Read our vision on the Skift publication about a sustainable future of destination Uganda: “A paradigm shift; from classic Safari to eco-tourism. Uganda flawlessly answers the needs of the post-pandemic traveller. Immersive cultural experiences, untamed outdoor adventures and bird …

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-airlines-publication

    Karamoja Tourism Video in Uganda Airlines inflight video

    Kara-Tunga is featured in Uganda’s World Tourism Day 2021 video about inclusive community tourism in the Karamoja sub-region. The video has been shown on national television and also in the Uganda national Airline inflight video.

  • karamoja-explore-uganda-4

    Karamoja Tourism Group in new Explore Uganda Brand

    Uganda Tourism Board launched (21st January 2022) the countries new tourism promotion brand ‘Explore Uganda – The Pearl of Africa’.  We are excited that our Kara-Tunga community tourism group from Kautakou (closed to Moroto) is featured in the new promotion materials. This is a true milestone for Kara-Tunga’s efforts to positively impact the image of the …

  • Karamoja UGanda Bicycle Tour Review Newspaper

    Tour of Karamoja 2021 in Daily Monitor

    Two journalists of Uganda’s Daily Monitor joined the Tour of Karamoja 2021 to report about the unique experience following the Warrior Nomad Trail. Continue reading for an impression of the publication.

  • tour-of-karamoja-2021-eastafrican-news-uganda-bicycle-tour-kara-tunga

    Tour of Karamoja 2021 in EastAfrican Newspaper

    The Tour of Karamoja, October 2021 is a fact and we are traveling back to the starting line with a full page feature in the renown The EastAfrican newspaper! Read the article now also on the EastAfrican website.

  • kara-tunga-uganda-karamoja-world-tourism-day-2021-4-s

    Watch Video Uganda focus on Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021

    Watch the official video of Uganda Tourism Board focusing on destination Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021 theme Inclusive Tourism. The video is broadcasted on Uganda national tv channels NTV, NBS, UBC.

  • kara-tunga-karamoja-uganda-cultural-tours-publication-nbs-tv-2

    Making off: Uganda focus on Karamoja for World Tourism Day 2021

    We have come from far… tourism is positively changing the image of Karamoja and we hope that this collaboration with Uganda Tourism Board, NBS Television, NTV, UBC,  can inspire tourism professionals and local communities to embrace Community Tourism in Karamoja as opportunity for inclusive development.

  • Wanderlust-216-Visit-Kidepo-Valley-Morungole-Ik-Tribe-4

    A hike to the Ik people, a highlight in many ways

    Hidden valleys, isolated rural communities and wildlife good-news-stories. Writer Sarah Marshall goes beyond Uganda’s gorillas to find that Uganda is far more diverse than you might think…

  • indian-vlogger-tamil-trekker-in-northeatern-uganda-karamoja

    Indian travel blogger Tamil Trekker in Karamoja

    Indian travel blogger Tamil Trekker travels around the world in search of new adventures and to promote new destinations to his loyal Indian following. Kara-Tunga offered him a three days motorbike tour to learn about life in Karamoja, Northeastern Uganda.

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