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Mount Kadam is the second highest and volcanic mountain of the Karamoja region with the highest peak at 3,000 metres.

  • Mountain Rock Climbing Bouldering Uganda Karamoja Kara-Tunga

    Mount Moroto Hiking and Rock Climbing

    The Karamoja region in northeast of Uganda is an area still to be explored for rock climbing and bouldering routes. The numerous volcanic mountain ranges and iconic rock formations have drawn the attention of just a few adventurous climbers.

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  • Mount Kadam Camp Hike Trek Guides Tour Karamoja Uganda

    Mount Kadam, Gigantic Views and Billions of Stars

    Well, when I headed for my very first Kara-Tunga adventure I had a rough idea about what was there to come. I knew I was about to Climb Mount Kadam and to spend one night up there.

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  • Karamoja Group Safari with Roundbob

    In collaboration with the Mountain Slayers of Uganda we developed a weekend trip to Karamoja including a morning on the mountain, an authentic cultural experience and a visit to Kidepo Valley National Park.

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  • Mount Kadam, People and Culture

    Mount Kadam is the second highest mountain of the Karamoja region in northeaster Uganda with the highest peak called Libo. The mountain also comprises of five tribes that is to say: Pokot, Karamojong, Gishu, Sebei and the Kadama.

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  • Uganda’s best Stargazing Destination

    The majority of people live under light-polluted skies, not dark enough to see the Milky Way. But the Karamoja region of Uganda has transparent and clear skies for many nights a year that makes it the perfect destination for an unforgettable Stargazing Safari.

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  • Mount Kadam: Impressive Climb and Breath Taking View

    When my family came to visit me in Uganda, I wanted them to experience the pearl of Africa in its purest form – no typical touristic stuff, where you feel like sitting in a cinema, watching the life happening from a secure distance. A friend of mine recommended to Climb Mount Kadam with Kara-Tunga to me and I was …

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