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  • Recruiting Community Groups for the Kidepo Valley Eco Camp

    Thursday, 8th December 2022 – Kara-Tunga completed the recruitment of community groups in Karenga district for the new Kara-Tunga Eco Camp at Kidepo Valley National Park.

  • Kara-Tunga Eco-Camps is one of My Most Unique Experiences

    Robin Y, Nov 2022 – Kara-Tunga is one of the most unique experiences i have had. So different from the rest of Uganda, at the top of the Mountains on the Kenya-Uganda escarpment, the views are breath taking.

  • Timu Eco-Camp, Remote place with Outstanding Views

    Gwen AndKirsty, Nov 2022 – We stopped on our way from Kidepo to Moroto. Timu Eco-Camp is at the end of a ridge and you have 360 views from East to West. The winds were strong (as it happens during season change) but our tent was protected from the winds as it was on the …

  • Watch: Launch of Kara-Tunga Eco Camps Timu and Morungole

    Watch the official Launch of Kara-Tunga Eco-Camps in Timu and Morungole, within the Kidepo Valley landscape.

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    Official Launch of Kara-Tunga Eco Camps in Kidepo Landscape

    5th October 2022 (Kaabong District) – Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours and partner USAID/RTI International officially launched the first two Eco Camps in Kidepo Landscape on Wednesday 5th October 2022.

  • kara-tunga-eco-camp-karamoja-kidepo-ik-timu

    Promoting Community Conservation through Eco-friendly Accommodation in the Kidepo Landscape

    KAABONG (05 October 2022) – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with a Ugandan tour company, Kara-Tunga Arts & Tours Ltd, to establish a network of Conservation Campsites (Eco Camps) in Karamoja.

  • Karamoja Moroto Uganda Hotel Tour Guides COVID19 Vaccination

    COVID-19 Vaccination of Kara-Tunga Staff

    COVID-19 Vaccination of Kara-Tunga Staff – The Kara-Tunga staff has taken an exemplary role in Karamoja (Northeastern Uganda’s) community tourism sector to protect themselves, their families, vulnerable rural community partners and guests.

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    Refresher training Endiro Coffee Trailhead Moroto

    Endiro Coffee gives a refresher training to Endiro Coffee Trailhead staff at Kara-Tunga’s Karamoja Safari Camp in Moroto. Kara-Tunga and Endiro Coffee are both social enterprises and believe in doing business and doing good. Read more about their partnership called Endiro Coffee Trailhead.

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    On job training for Warrior Nomad Trail partners

    Kara-Tunga spearheads the development of regional tourism in Uganda’s Karamoja region and is the initiator of the Warrior Nomad Trail. This trail is aimed at mitigating over-tourism, insuring quality of service, diversifying tourism product offering and preserving cultural and natural heritage by developing tourism opportunities around the region.

  • karamoja-safari-camp-moroto-hotel-food-take-away-delivery-pizza-2

    Take-Away and Delivery in Moroto

    Take-Away and Delivery in Moroto – Our most ordered Pizza Take-Away and Delivery and other menu-items as Fish & Chips, Grilled Chicken and Chips, Endiro Coffee Specialities. We also offer catering services for parties and functions. Contact us for more information.

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