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    On job training for Warrior Nomad Trail partners

    Kara-Tunga spearheads the development of regional tourism in Uganda’s Karamoja region and is the initiator of the Warrior Nomad Trail. This trail is aimed at mitigating over-tourism, insuring quality of service, diversifying tourism product offering and preserving cultural and natural heritage by developing tourism opportunities around the region.

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    Take-Away and Delivery in Moroto

    Take-Away and Delivery in Moroto – Our most ordered Pizza Take-Away and Delivery and other menu-items as Fish & Chips, Grilled Chicken and Chips, Endiro Coffee Specialities. We also offer catering services for parties and functions. Contact us for more information.

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    Moroto visit doesn’t disappoint

    Moroto visit doesn’t disappoint – Hiking and sundowning in the mountain is a unique way of learning about the peoples of northeastern Uganda, from its highlands to the vast plains below.

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    Noorderpoort College Visits Karamoja for Warrior Nomad Trail

    Noorderpoort College Visits Karamoja for Warrior Nomad Trail – After a long car ride and with the dust on our faces, we drive through the gate at Kara-Tunga Tours, a sustainable tour operator that provides authentic cultural excursions and outdoor adventures in Karamoja (Northeast Uganda).

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