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The end of top down leadership and violence.

Kara-Tunga aims at fostering peace and empowerment through Non-violent communication and Sociocracy.

The Akiiki-way.

Kara-Tunga values transparency, autonomy, accountability and integrity. Together with our partner Akiiki, we’re building capacity of the organisation to change from a hierarchical top down structure to a sociocratic structure.


The trainings are given by the founder of Akiiki, the Belgium trainer in Connecting / Non-Violent Communication called Marijke D’Herde. Marijke gives trainings to management teams of worlds largest multinationals that enable her to voluntarily invest in trainings for refugees in Belgium and community tourism groups in Uganda.


Akiiki and Kara-Tunga have worked together since 2017 and are proud to pioneer in the country with Non-violent communication and Sociocracy.


Non-violent communication.

Non-violent communication (NVC) is a specific way of bringing emotions and needs into conversations which can help people reframe the way they communicate with one another.


NVC can be used to 1) Clearly expressing who you are without blaming or criticising 2) Empathetically receiving how you are without hearing blame or criticism.

before after nvc


A method of making consent-based decisions in organizations. Here, all members of an organization are a part of a group called a circle, in which they make decisions and resolve issues.



We measure the outcome of our decisions to find out if what we’re doing is actually working. A team may decide to revise their policies and practices, or extend the feedback process by involving other teams.


Decision making

Each tam has a shared aim and purpose, and is responsible for making decisions about responsibilities within their domain. Objections are based on one’s ability to work towards that shared aim/purpose.



Consent is defined as “no objections” and it is the method in this organizational structure.



Represents the team, and makes sure the experience of the members is heard in the general circle.



Communicates the overall operational plan to the team.

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