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    Trail maintenance Mount Moroto community tourism association

    The recently formed Mount Moroto Tourism Association has completed its first action point being the maintenance of the three main trails. These trails are the main access routes for the community and also for tourists. We are proud to see the first action point to be completed successfully with the necessary accountability of the association.

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    Trekking Mt Elgon, Worlds largest Volcanic base

    Trekking Mt Elgon – A great start of the year with a publication of the Mount Elgon hike by Clark Expeditions in the hiking and trekking magazine for the Benelux ‘Bergen Magazine’.

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  • Climb the highest peak of Mountain Moroto

    Other than many people know, the highest peak of Mountain Moroto is not the famously climbed ‘Imagit’ it’s actually the peak called Sokodek.

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  • Kara-Tunga Karamoja Tours Safaris Travel Mount Moroto Hiking Guides

    Mount Moroto Hiking with care-taking Guides

    Mount Moroto Hiking Guides – Amazing landscapes, people and culture in Karamoja. Definitely recommend it for people who want to discover new places, go off the beaten tracks and truly have an amazing experience.

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    Distribution of seeds to Mount Moroto Community


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  • Mountain Rock Climbing Bouldering Uganda Karamoja Kara-Tunga

    Mount Moroto Hiking and Rock Climbing

    Mount Moroto Hiking and Rock Climbing – The Karamoja region in northeast of Uganda is an area still to be explored for rock climbing and bouldering routes. The numerous volcanic mountain ranges and iconic rock formations have drawn the attention of just a few adventurous climbers.

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  • Mount Moroto and So Tepeth Tribe and Culture

    Mount Moroto is the highest mountain in the Karamoja region of north east Uganda and located against the border of Kenya’s Turkana region. The mountain is an extinct volcano and home to one of Uganda’s smallest tribes, The So/Tepeth.

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  • Mount Kadam, People and Culture

    Mount Kadam is the second highest mountain of the Karamoja region in northeaster Uganda with the highest peak called Libo. The mountain also comprises of five tribes that is to say: Pokot, Karamojong, Gishu, Sebei and the Kadama.

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