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Endiro Coffee Trailhead


Endiro Coffee Trailhead is a joint initiative of Kara-Tunga and Endiro Coffee to support spearheading sustainable community development initiatives.


Endiro Coffee chose Kara-Tunga for it’s leadership in socio-economical development in the Karamoja subregion of Uganda through community tourism.


Beekeeping is a mean for diversifying and enhancing livelihoods besides current income generating activities like agriculture and livestock.


Beekeepers have a financial incentive to conserve the environment: ensuring that flowers are available, water sources not contaminated and bees are protected.


Beekeeping is feasible for people with minimal resources. Equipment and tools can be made locally and it’s an income generating activity that’s carried out by women and men.

Endiro Coffee, United States

We’re delighted with our first international partnership, supporting locally made Karamojong products in Ugandan and the United States. likeminded organisation that aims at improving lives through coffee and partnerships. Endiro Coffee sells Karamoja Honey in their US store located in Aurora.


Karamoja Safari Camp

Karamoja Safari Camp is located on the slopes of Mt Moroto in the peaceful senior quarters of Moroto town. The camp is the home base of Karamoja Honey and sells honey up to 5L quantities. Pass by and enjoy a cup of Endiro Coffee specialities to.

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